People might also not know Mastodon is not the only type of social media sites that interact here.

There is also:

@pixelfed (Like Instagram)

Peertube (Like YouTube)

(You can see how they look in the pictures in the order that they are mentioned)

You can find more decentralized social media platforms at


@ChrisTalleras Not super thrilled with the site and how it groups stuff?

Like, it doesn't really express how diaspera is in its own little corner, or that pixelfed/pleroma/misskey/mastodon/peertube blend together and aren't their own networks.

You have to look at each software page and understand "protocols" and stuff.



Just scroll a bit down on the platform pages. Don't need to know anything about the protocol. Should be links and stuff.

@pixelfed I was going to lament a bit about this post not mentioning Friendica (a better alternative to Farcebook), but then I realized I'm never posting on my #Friendica server about how their's also #Mastodon as a better replacement to Tweeter.

So good on you @ChrisTalleras for making the #ActivityPub / #Federated world less siloed.

P.S. PixelFed seems like a better alternative to most photo sharing/spying corporate sites judging by how they keep adding features after @dansup adds them to Pixelfed's system.


Yeah, it’s not like I don’t want to show those as well. It’s rather who is the nicest to show that are simple to get behind and understand, that look professional and how many do Inshow before people dont really gather anything

+ they can find more at fediverseparty

@ChrisTalleras Oh, damn!… is so going in my bookmarks! I forgot what the federated blogging software site was that I heard about. They had it listed; write freely. #Sweet!

#FediverseParty beats Wikipedia on this topic.

I also see two other solutions for a problem I've been wondering on how to solve.
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