, distrowatch and are my top ones for the moment

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i just started a webpage, for my But i loved to make a extreme simple webpage, a vlonderpad (its a path through the swamps)

nothing fancy, just s picture, but i love it:

everything is still in development.....

(look at it in fullscreen and think of swamp gasses)

@ChrisTalleras Right now Fedoramagazin, havn't change it, probably should, to lazy to do it.

@ChrisTalleras Now it's duckduckgo, but when I had some more free time I used to alternate between Wikipedia and SCP-foundation

@FiXato Yeah, but I've come to like having a startpage.

I leave the new tab blank though.

@ChrisTalleras I just leave my start pages as blank so nothing loads as I open the browser because it's much faster. Some people do search engines like DuckDuckGo, but what's the point if your URL or search bar already has that function?

@TheOuterLinux Hmm, yeah.

I like the idea of having a startpage/homepage that gives you some updates about stuff everytime you start it, but I'd like to have it every time.

@ChrisTalleras A lot of websites have RSS links you could just add to a program like Liferea if it's just some quick news you're after and usually includes images or sometimes links to audio or video too. Plus, no need to worry about all of the tracking JS/CDN nonsense slowing things down.


That's not what I am talking about. I already use RSS and Liferea.

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