@ChrisTalleras I'd love to visit Norway one day for its nature and emptyness on the trails.

@ChrisTalleras emptyness in terms of amount of people :) Poland is too crowded already for me.

@deerbard @ChrisTalleras
When you go to Norway swing by Gothenburg for a beer

@ChrisTalleras That looks like quite an old pathway. Do you know when it was constructed (originally?)? It looks like a very pleasant place, and if there were other two legs about, you managed to miss capturing any in these pictures...

@JigmeDatse there are stuff from 1800 here. But if it is old it has been reworked. The bridge might be old as it leads to buildings that look like 1800 stuff

@ChrisTalleras Yeah, I can see that they have done a fair amount of work on it. If you look at the columns that support the rails, they have a good amount of lichen on them. Also they are simply weathered.

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