Just got to share my love for mastodon and the fediverse in a lecture about decentralised social media today in Norway, Gjøvik. Pretty fun, and thanks to everyone who showed up to hear me talk.

Next one will be the 30th of april in Bergen city in Norway.

Also found out I am probably the most followed guy from norway on mastodon and the fediverse.

@CorvusRobotica decentralized social media. Idk if lecturing is the eight word, but like a presentation talk thing

@ChrisTalleras oh right, I study digital culture at UiB and have a lecture that day, I was wondering if I'd missed a note :p

@CorvusRobotica 30th of april. Idk if the FB event is up, but i’ll post more info about it when I know more. I was invited to talk there so don’t know everything yet.

@ChrisTalleras Not too far away from where I live, relativly speaking.

@katnjia 9 hour train ride for me. You are free to come if you want to ;)

Kan jeg ikkke sende deg kontakt informasjon til en fra mdg ringerike istede 😅

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