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CAPITAL F, creative commons magazine about Free software

Bryan Lunduke just posted it on his Patreon. Cool project!

Talks about "The road to a free software phone", "Video production with free software", "The stigma of charging for free software", "a personal journey w/ free software" & "replacing Google w/ free software"

@ChrisTalleras I was mostly interested in reading about de-googling your phone. But it seems like there's no safe way to do that. He only wrote about failed projects that was aiming at crating free cell-phones I guess? No phone like it available now and even if the new one shows up, it's probably gonna vanish soon after just like any other did?

@deerbard I will probably get the Librem 5 by Purism when it comes out, I just don't like pre-ordering.

If you want to de-google your Android you can do that using something called F-droid I think.

@ChrisTalleras @deerbard LineageOS + Fdroid + (sadly) MicroG to be able to install Bank-ID

@deerbard @ChrisTalleras
Ah bummer. I use my old Nexus 5 for it personally because... why buy a new phone etc?

@ohyran My phone is not a new model, it's just not on the list. I never had a new model of cell phone :)

@deerbard Yeah, it's quite expensive. But right now I am using my phone as my laptop since what a laptop is used for a phone can already do power wise, I just connect a keyboard, mouse & sceen to it through a USB hub. Maybe even a mobile touch screen. That is the plan at least.

I am also sure Purism will have products in different price ranges. And looking the campaign where they brought in 2.5 million I would say it's already going good heheh

@deerbard The phone is also made to easily be taken from each other and replace parts, which I like

@deerbard Though I want to see how successful they are with designing it, the actual specs and what they can deliver. Which is why I want to wait until it is done

@ChrisTalleras Please let me know what you thing as soon as you get one / decide not to get it.

@deerbard Will do! Pretty far off still, but will be exciting when the time comes :D

@ChrisTalleras yeah it's even exciting to me just to hear it's happening even though I won't afford it now (unless I suddenly make a financial success hahaha). I really hope this one will make it and stay on the market and get popular at least among people like us.

@deerbard if I don't buy the Librem 5 I will sure as hell get a purism phone. I also hope Purism gets some competition, that would be great!

@ChrisTalleras @deerbard LineageOS minus Google is an option that has been mentioned already, but if LineageOS is too "new" for your phone, there are usually other custom ROMs sans Google available on the XDA-Developers website. Have you looked? Just because Lineage is popular doesn't mean it's the only option.

If you use your phone as a laptop, consider putting #linux on it :)

@thinkMoult Lineage seems just not to work with my phone though it's got older ones on the list. I'm a bit scared to try not popular things. I know too little and need something I can rely on and not worry about destroying my phone while I can't afford a new one. I'm rather waiting for a popular option available for me. And for now I think I'm good with just as many google services switched off as I can. It's still an improvement. I'm a dinosaur. I learn sth new about technology every day now :)

@ChrisTalleras The one magazine where I did not mind the advertisements.

Pretty cool. I kind of stopped following his stuff when he took it all patreon only. How is his live studio plan going?

@kelbot Don't know. Pretty sure he uploads all his stuff for free again as I have seen the whole shows being uploaded.

Ah, looks like its on YouTube only. I pretty much just read and watch stuff that has an RSS feed these days 😃.

@kelbot Yeah, me too. I'm using the liferea client. RSS is a very new thing for me though, started using it just recently and didn't really know anyone use it before then. Using it now I can't believe I've not used it before. One thing I hate is having check a bunch of websites for if something has happened.

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