CAPITAL F, creative commons magazine about Free software

Bryan Lunduke just posted it on his Patreon. Cool project!

Talks about "The road to a free software phone", "Video production with free software", "The stigma of charging for free software", "a personal journey w/ free software" & "replacing Google w/ free software"

@ChrisTalleras The one magazine where I did not mind the advertisements.

Pretty cool. I kind of stopped following his stuff when he took it all patreon only. How is his live studio plan going?

@kelbot Don't know. Pretty sure he uploads all his stuff for free again as I have seen the whole shows being uploaded.

Ah, looks like its on YouTube only. I pretty much just read and watch stuff that has an RSS feed these days 😃.

@kelbot Yeah, me too. I'm using the liferea client. RSS is a very new thing for me though, started using it just recently and didn't really know anyone use it before then. Using it now I can't believe I've not used it before. One thing I hate is having check a bunch of websites for if something has happened.

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