Thought to make a new one to let people know me more by. 😀

I am born and bred in the Olympic city of Norway, Lillehammer. I am 22 years old.

I really like paleo-art, psychedelic music and films. Holy Mountain is my favorite film ever.

I bicycle a lot and was at one point a competitive swimmer when I was younger.

As well as doing illustration i work as a community worker a few hours a week where I work with people with disabilities

@ChrisTalleras hej på dig norsk :D I know it's swedish but I don't know any norwegian words I'm sorry. I love your work and I'd love to see more by stalking your account tonight hehe.

@machi Hehehe Tusen takk, Machi! heheh Morrosamt å prate skandi ihop

And thanks a lot! Really means a lot to me! You are free to stalk away 😆

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