A new development is that I've become a whore 😅

I really like the linux operating system and really think it's the flaggship OS of our time, but I really like the elementary way of doing things with a handsewn experience in how to do things.

The only thing is that I'm a big fan fan of and elementary is more towards old school desktop stuff with little plans to make the best for touch devices like the I'm running it on 🤠

I think a thing is that the pixelfed and mastodon thing is a part of the fediverse's growing pains and that it's a part of becoming a part of it early and having to accept that it's not necessarilly ideal.

Because I really like pixelfed and it's a great platform for art.

But I feel the fediverse is in the need of more network type instances for creators like @tilvids which can make things more scalable

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Still working on it, here's the current state.
This project is not only an artwork project, there's another part that is being worked on.

How do other artists handle the pixelfed vs. Mastodon dilemma? Does it work well to have both, or does it clutter up your fediverse identity?

@owzim all public organisations pretending to be hip and influential on twitter or homely on Facebook should run #fediverse instances

Its time some people start taking responsibility for what they are doing with public money

Created my own Necromorph. It is like an alien zombie from the game Dead space that infects humans and turns them into monstrious beings, undoubtedly inspired by the movie The Thing.

Playing the first game in elementary school was a huge and exciting experience and will stay with me my whole life. Would be super cool to make a rogue-like opensource dead space game.

#mastoart #art #digitalart #deadspace #fanart #pixelfed #mastodon #fediverse #krita #libreart

I've just made public a lot of my old peertube videos again.

Personally I kind of cringe over them, but I also kind of like them and don't want to hide them anymore.


For some of you old school fediverse people this might be a little bit of fun heheh 😅

If you are interested in creative software and opensource I recommend following librearts.org/ that gives regular news and updates on opensource creative software.

my frankendesk that was a tiny ikea micke desk but I added a large closet door and another cabinet door to make it wider and deeper, and then another cabinet door on top to make a slant table except it's still difficult to sit at

doodling while playing Animal crossing is my new pastime :'v

For the second one I asked people to suggest me villagers to draw. I tried to pick a few that have a bit of a bad rep from those, I have a soft spot for weird villagers...

Mark Witton with a blog post on the new Spinosaurus and spinosaurus tail from an artist perspective. 🤠


The internet artists of the world have gone wild for this new spinosaurus reconstruction! :star_eyes:

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