555 Books sold since the release a week ago! Thank you 🎉 My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends in ten days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Get them while they're cheap 🙂 davidrevoy.com/shop

Hey everyone! Can't afford to do #inkwithwatts every day but I really wanted to study Franklin Booth.
Still not finished (will post a finished, I promise!) but it was so interesting I decided to post it.
So I found (through experimentation you can see even here) I can do pretty much everything with my one trusty nib and only big areas of full black fill with brushpen.

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Thanks to @debian for their $10,000 contribution to the #roadmap to #PeerTube v3! <3 <3 <3

With this great recognition from the Debian Project, the €60,000 to fund live in PeerTube are almost reached. To contribute: joinpeertube.org/roadmap/

Adobe photoshop now has wraparound mode, a thing Krita's had for years... And according to their docs somehow theirs slows down on complex brush strokes?

I mean, I could get everything else, but the brush strokes?

my frankendesk that was a tiny ikea micke desk but I added a large closet door and another cabinet door to make it wider and deeper, and then another cabinet door on top to make a slant table except it's still difficult to sit at

WOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The last batch of printed proof looks perfect! Finally, after one year of struggle... Quick blog post: davidrevoy.com/article788/

Was in a Dorian mood, so I made a random illustration and designed what I imagine a Magister outfit to be ✨

I posted a new version of my 2010 article about tablet ergonomics on the blog. I hope it will help you improving your digital painting setup: davidrevoy.com/article30/ergon
#tablet #ergonomy #digitalpainting

Honestly, I think it is a huge mistake for Mastodon to not just treat Twitter like yet-another instance. At least automatically handle @-mentions in the @foo@twitter.com format. It feels like idealism to pretend Twitter doesn’t exist, but I think we should be far more realistic.

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It's been a while since I used Jitsi Meet last. I feel like it's improved a lot over the last months. If you also haven't tried it for some time I recommend giving it another shot.


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