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Thought to make a new one to let people know me more by. 😀

I am born and bred in the Olympic city of Norway, Lillehammer. I am 22 years old.

I really like paleo-art, psychedelic music and films. Holy Mountain is my favorite film ever.

I bicycle a lot and was at one point a competitive swimmer when I was younger.

As well as doing illustration i work as a community worker a few hours a week where I work with people with disabilities

@Ayior @ChrisTalleras Also in Germany there are the Externsteine. A place of worship in ages for different "religions". Just fascinating!

@Ayior @ChrisTalleras but serious, that are interesting things to know. On a holiday in France we went to the megaliths at Erdeven, those things make you think.

A couple of things that are interesting to note is that the Neanderhtals had genes for ginger hair, freckles and a fair skin-tone which shows that they were just as diverse as the homo-sapiens and even some of these kinds of genes were derived from them, though from my understanding skin color or lack of is probably a result of convergent evolution as it's so affected by the environment.

Really getting into caveman type stuff today, really want to get some info about that stuff. Like how they would clothe themselves, decorate and culture. Kind of want to think about cavemen in a worldbuilding or lore like way.

Want your character rendered in this style? E-mail me at

I've been leading comics workshops in schools, libraries, and art centers for 11 years. And I'm serializing an audiobook on how I teach comics:

Sketch, a composition study.
Blind Guardian's Carry the Blessed Home plays in the distance
or something.

@archtoasty That dreamhack livestream is awesome! Something I wish I could have cought live.

Do something like this again sometimes! 😁

Quick study from is an easy way to remind myself of how much I don't know about drawing, painting and anatomy

oh yeah i'm also doing commissions and im having a black friday sale thing so if you're interested have a looksie at this google doc :gnomed: #commissions #mastoart #commission #art

The halfway point of #TheBigProject all six of twelve images side by side

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