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If you only want to see art/pictures ONLY from me and no boosts, no discussion or ramblings, I recommend that you follow my pixelfed profile which you can follow with you your current mastodon account!

You don't know what @pixelfed is? Well' it's instagram but better and decentralized-federated like mastodon and is made by this dude @dansup

I'll just go ahead and pin this to my profile

I've gotten and to work again! Thought it would be a neat oppertunity to do a screenshot sunday of my desktop!

what's up we're two weeks into term 1 and my spare time has been either lesson prep I didn't have time to do at work, or sleep. Here's a chair I did for an exercise but kinda like tho

It's been a while since I posted a #ScreenshotSunday but since I've recently switched up my desktop theme, I thought I'd show it off.
#Manjaro #Linux

My friends: Complaining about the birdsite
Me, on Mastodon: :lies_down:

On est que le 11 sérieux

#inktober 11 sérieux

Ils sont tous à vendre, ca m'aiderait à payer les factures !

#inktober #mastoart

WIP coloring the book cover: I resized the characters and added a new idea. Thank you for the feedbacks!

Congratulation to Abiy Ahmed for winning the nobel peace price for the amazing work that he has done in his half a year as stateminister and work for peace and democraticaiton!

Hopefully the work goes on and we get one step closer to world peace!

Another , the pixelfed version again 😁

Mosaikum, the photographer

Deerbard_photo, is the side account of the artist deerbard for photos

Eclipse kingdom does Minecraft pictures of builds

Andrew Abernathy is also a photographer

I also realize it's at the same time as there is controversy about blizzard, this is completely coincidental, and hong kong deserves independance.

Just looks like this essentially, but if I try to exit it, it will give me like the exit program or minimize to tray menu

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