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Happy to see the info screens in Norwegian trains is running #Linux (Debian)! Some years ago I saw the info screens at the train stations were running the latest #Ubuntu.

Wow. My friends over at @purism sent me this. So AWESOME!! 🥰🥰

Free yourself, your friends or your community from Facebook when you want to organise and coordinate events with @mobilizon

Free software is free as in freedom, not as in free beer, which is why @Framasoft raises funds through a crowdfunding campaign. There are still 19 days to go to collect the tiny 4.5k€ left, and to fully fund the project.

People who stop using @fedilab in favor of @Tusky because it can be used by "nazis", do you know Firefox can be use by them too? Or Ubuntu? Or anything else? 😱

This is becoming ridiculous.

Got a add on YouTube. I must say ive never been happier to watch an add!!

They should get on the fediverse!

Hey there! I'm an illustrator and concept artist specializing in paleoart and creature design.

I have prints, mugs, stickers and more available on my Redbubble shop (link:…

And you can also support me on Ko-fi (link:

#dinosaur #drawing #sketch #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #rocketeer

@ChrisTalleras @Wolthera Seems like inkscape is pretty good program on a level of adobe illustrator. This dude is pretty good at design, and he thinks that

@ChrisTalleras - This is great! Congrats to for getting some much deserved attention/praise! I'm really enjoying Pop!_OS :)

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