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also finally trying to nail down designs for some characters that don't have 'em yet

i was doing freelance stuff ALL WEEKEND and hoo boy that makes me wanna work on my own stuff/worldbuilding like nothing else lmao

Would you like to musically collaborate with another music maker? The fourth round of our is starting soon! We already have 21 sign-ups and there is still space for more awesome musicians!

If you make music of any kind, you can sign up here:

If you know any cool music people who you would like to see in the project, feel free to pass this on to them 🌸

Someone on Twitter mentioned that in some regions of Germany, a common idiom for whenever there's mist in the forest is "The foxes are making coffee", and thought the image was evocative enough for an illustration.

Well, I took the bait! 🦊☕

#MastoArt #CreativeToot #Lineart

Stayed up all night finishing this moon base illustration. Enjoy 😴


Credit to ArcboundRavager on Twitter for inspiring me with the tweet which haunted my waking hours.

People keep saying to me that I look more and more like a person from the past hahah

Last year I got to the third round, this year I wanna do even better!!

Screenshot Sunday, just because I have a shiny new install this week.

(Pop OS with Gnome and a sweet cartoon sci fi background)

#Snips is an upcoming open privacy-friendly alternative to invasive voice assistants like Siri or Alexa.

Instead of sending your voice to be processed elsewhere, the processing happens offline on the device itself:

It's not yet ready for ordinary users, but there's an official site for developers/hobbyists who want to have a go at making their own Snips device:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Siri #Alexa #Cortana

Stupidly distorted ref, but still kinda like some things about this.

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