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Just posted a timelapse from a strea where I made a firesnake from the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

Haven't posted on peertube in ages 😅

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It's kind of like watching Bob Ross paint, in that there's a point where you've started and you're questioning it, like "No Bob that doesn't look good, what are you doing Bob," but then it comes together in the end.

Also in that the result is not exactly fine art but it's still got some appeal on a certain level.

Traditional 3d(modeling clay) to digital as an experiment.

mostly focused on colour correction and amplifying texture. I should have changed the forms to make them more desert-y and less round and clay-like but oh well.

Hey, theres a new draft of the Adventurer available right now with new art and a better layout. Also has an oracl and aura in the back to help you kickstart your game. Go check it out! #rpg #ttrpg


Hello fellow skaterz! 😎

We are #BindRPG, a libre community created tabletop RPG similar to the #DnD, #Pathfinder or #Sweihander kind of games.

That means that YOU can share, edit or even SELL Bind if you'd like or make your own game out of it.

But most important of all, it's a fun roleplaying game that isn't in the way of the ocmmunity and you having fun. 😀

Please share!

#bind #rpg #roleplay #boardgames #tabletop #games #libre #foss #floss #opensource #art #fediart #mastoart

Twitter is the worst instance, I’m so glad we all decided not to federate with it

I've been Linuxing long enough that I've become lazy about my distros. Just want it to work and not have to fiddle with it. For a while I wanted nerdier distros and window managers and stuff. Now I'm just like "Maybe I'll install Mint?"

I know I've alienated half my Masto-followers now. Sorry. 😉

@kev @lordvalor @funkwhale putting the whole funkwhale instance on shuffle is a good way to do spotify-style music discovery

Quick reminder: I have “internet office hours” for artists that have HTML/CSS/General web questions; if you have any, just reply to this toot!

Last time I put together a guide of some great resources to use for the modern web, based on the tools I use everyday for work

Aaaaah oooo I forgot to post this lol

Ive been having a small obsession with angels lately

The Road to Høyfjell

This is a long post where I share my journey to Hoyfjell. Here I describe how the game started, where it's now, and where it's going.

#gamedev #rpg #videogames

I've been thinking that working on marketing for libre projects would be awesome!

Is there anyone on the fediverse I could talk to about getting a leg into that industry?

And I'm not talking about just drawings and illustrations but graphics, photoediting and videos, and finally ideas / marketing strategies.

I think I could be a great asset to projects out there.

Please share!


Say 👋 to Nextcloud Hub, a big change for Nextcloud!
🗄 Files - workspaces, file locking
🤖 Flow - automates boring tasks
📝 Built in office
📅 Calendar 2.0: Talk meetings, busy view
📩 Mail 1.0 recognizes itineraries
🗣 Talk brings replies
And much more!

Recently I've gotten so may notifications it's hard to tell or know if I've gotten any DMs in my notifications, if I've missed you, SORRY!

I'll be getting to you soon! 😅

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