I buy all of my paints in tubes and squeeze them into the palettes where they dry. The palette top left contains mostly gouache paints but also mixed with watercolours. Ultramarine blue red shade and green shade appear on most of my palettes (there are two more out of shot) and also lemon yellow and cadmium yellow. Ive also got a stock of Winsor yellow. The acidy yellows you need to get the light greens right.

Sometimes I mix the yellows with cerulean blue or a turquoise. Or with Paynes gray.

I also use an interference blue from Daniel Smith.

But mostly when I want to get a ‘tight’ feel I mix every colour up from these base colours: ultramarine blue red shade, ultramarine blue green shade, Winsor red, and Winsor yellow. And mars black, Payne’s grey, or neutral tint.

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