Lockdown days were pretty grim, but the view from my bedroom window was an always changing view in terms of the light and the sky and clouds. No two days were the same.

Acrylic on canvas. Painted with a painting knife.

This was painted early one morning during the first lockdown and I felt so claustrophobic I had to just keep looking at the sky to be able to survive. I also went for a walk every morning early with my dog and I did tai chi in the park while he sniffed about.

I also took the same photo from the same place at the same time every morning. Here is a sample of some of them…

This how I improved my ability to paint skies.

So does this count as plein air if I was sat in my bedroom painting though a pane of glass? I had the window open a bit…

@Chloeg From a distance, this looks a bit like the sky reflected off many panes of glass

@Chloeg If it feels like plein-air, it certainly does. To me it feels like plein-air ☺️

@Chloeg I'm sure there are purists who would say it couldn't be considered plain air because you had the convenience of a "studio" setting, i.e. shelter from the elements, access to all your supplies, etc. However the fact that you specifically set out to tackle the challenge of the ever changing light, creating the painting in one sitting, says to me that you have the most important parts of the definition covered!!!

@Chloeg The finished product is what matters, not the label of where it was done. If I carve a rock in a dark closet as opposed to outdoors does it make it better? Just my personal opinion.

@Chloeg i love the way you captured the texture and glow of the sky in this. it feels just right
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