Okay so
.. I totally botched OC-tober. So ...can I do it for November instead? What's a cute OC name for November challenge??

Wait. My therapist said something about ace crushes being called "Squishes". Yes. I have many Squishes! Lol

Just one actual crush. :3

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...though if you've been around for a while, you are fully aware that I have lots of mini crushes and only one actual crush. So...yep. xD

So yep. I still have a mini crush on @CallMeKevin1811@twitter.com
Honestly I thought it'd fizzle but I find him charming. XD

So, I figured, why not. I'll open my discord group for a few.

If ya like my art and want to get to know me, come along~
Follow the rules and we'll get along fine.

I'm only keeping this open for random peeps for 7 days-


Now I only check when I'm at my computer.

And just keep a couple non-intrusive ones I use to communicate with friends and family.

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Taking Facebook off my phone (at least disabling it because I can't uninstall the GARBAGE APP, THANKS @Samsung@twitter.com LET ME UNINSTALL!!) has been so good for my mental health that I've removed several other social media platforms as well.

I must have done something stupid to my neck because I'm fighting off another migraine and have to go lie down.

Why do these always happen when I'm gearing up to do something?

I lied - 4 tweets!
I forgot to add the silhouette I did for the logo! XD

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Thanks to everyone who participated, contributed and purchased! The proceeds all went to Save the Children, and @Cheritz_DL@twitter.com seemed to love it! ^^

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The project was alot of fun & I’m glad I got to help out with a lot of the graphics that went into it as well as some of the spy posts along the way (I’m just a huge nerd.) & we had a great team who worked super hard to bring it to fruition!

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Was waiting with bated breath to release these pieces I did for @doubleagentzine@twitter.com​ and I’m happy I can finally share them with all you!

I was originally only supposed to do the one piece below, but ...I got carried away. LOL (1/3)

Someone tell me that changing my name again in a span of 5 months is not a good idea no matter how cool the new name sounds and would be good for signatures and marketing... <<;;; *sweats*

I mean it looks HELLA good and ...ARGH

Show a fave piece? Oh dang... that's hard. Umm...
I really like this pic I did of Kaori and Beel just because they both look so genuine and happy. ^^

Tag, you're it @Alakotila@twitter.com @jendrawscomics@twitter.com and @KaibunTease@twitter.com

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RT @reverenvert@twitter.com

My fave has got to be my Mermay Boy! (for now 🀭)

Join the favorite art train! Show off your favorite piece!
@CheruAngelic@twitter.com twitter.com/mama_samedi/status

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/reverenvert/status

My doctor just called with my results, and everything came back okay! πŸ’•

I sobbed.

I just randomly found a piece of amber (literally a bead I haven't even seen in several years because it's tucked away in a jewelry box that I never go in) on my car seat.

...it's for healing. So... Huh.

I'm not even kidding! Look at my stress levels compared from the last few days to me listening to the lo-fi today!

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