My doctor just called with my results, and everything came back okay! πŸ’•

I sobbed.

I just randomly found a piece of amber (literally a bead I haven't even seen in several years because it's tucked away in a jewelry box that I never go in) on my car seat.'s for healing. So... Huh.

I'm not even kidding! Look at my stress levels compared from the last few days to me listening to the lo-fi today!

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When I listen to Parisian cafΓ© music, I bake. Apparently when I listen to lofi, I fix my life. Maybe I should listen to it constantly. XD

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Lo-fi music makes me feel like I've got my sh!t together. It must focus your brain or cast magic spells or something because I moved air conditioners, rearranged the litter area, vacuumed, and winterized the whole yard. O_o

I think my backlog of old art (not including commissions and NSFW) has completed. It was all pre-scheduled, and I don't think I've seen any new stuff in a few days, so it might be done.

I have no excuses not to make new art now. LOL

...this hit me pretty hard and if I hadn't already been crying all day, I think that might have started me up again.

It was brought on by a completely unrelated topic. And I just...

I needed that.

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Because of a health scare, I spent a good portion of my afternoon on an emergency call with my therapist discussing morality.

I just got out of my chiropractor's, who, without this previous knowledge said "I don't think you have an evil bone in your body."

The neatest thing I thought was the supposedly demon-possesed Thai puppet from 1865.

My friend said it was genuinely creepy. But I said "all old dolls are creepy, demons or no." LOL

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There was a basket full of bibles you're supposed to carry with you while looking at the demon-possesed objects, that I didn't see until I was done. XD oops.

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Always fun crying in front on your doctor in pure fear.


(essentially, what I'm saying is that I'm retreating and isolating because I feel lonely. the exact opposite of what I should be doing. But putting in effort when it feels like no one wants me around is very mentally draining.)

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I honestly wish it to be more on the platforms that I prefer and feel safer on.

I'm getting tired of being the only one who reaches out. I only have a small few people who actively try to talk to me. But I don't know how to improve on any of this.

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As I step away from f*cebook and realize that I'll suddenly have a lot less interactions with friends and family...I let my anxiety get away from me thinking I am going to be a lot more alone than usual. I know I need more friends and interaction, but,

[Old Art]
2015 - Emma

A character by K. Fisher from my comic, The Refuge.

Testing a thing! :D Hey, how ya' doin' today?

Really debating starting OC-tober super late in the game...just because I really want to do new stuff of my OCs and be shamelessly greedy of my own art for a while.

I definitely don't fly well. I may have gotten some beautiful pictures, but I have a migraine, dizziness and nausea today to deal with.

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