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Our chairman doesn't remember the admin password of his computers and never took note of it because he, em... "Always uses the same password".
We tried a dozen.
I guess he understood that the human brain is an impenetrable vault but forgot that it can't even be open to remove the time bomb that's inside of it.

Anyway, for any chairman reading, don't use the same password everywhere. Don't use your company's name as a login on all your computers and please, use a .... please.

It is done! I no longer have an account on any of the #GAFAM 

Do you have any GAFAM account(s) (Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft) ?

If you haven't watched Toy Story 4 until the last animated shot in the end credits, your life will remain incomplete. So don't be smashed by a car until then!

Me in front of all my favorite movies:
"Alright, who by show of hands has had their score made by Hans Zimmer ?"
Me : ok lets' just flip it.

Join the new community at! Central hub for all Krita artists, developers and enthusiasts.

Over the past quarter we have, for the first time, sustained an editing rate of over 100,000,000 edits per month! Stats are newly updated at:

:firefox: How on earth does still use Shift+Ctrl+C to open the inspector?
Am I the only brainless person to always try to copy and paste things the same way I do it in the ?

@SinaCutie Hi,
about your Mastodon & Glitch-soc Variable Width userstyle, can you clarify how we can change the drawer column width setting ? (I installed it on the Stylus FF add-on)

artists, (if any are here on mastodon), free graphics software users are ready to help you make the switch. Ask for help!

Few months ago, we started an instance with @Steve12L dedicated to the protection of animals.
We first opened it to French speakers, but that's maybe time to open it more globally.

Special thanks to "La SPA de Montluçon" 🙏


Don't hesitate to spread it :)

« Thunberg isn’t being applauded because she’s being taken seriously. She’s being applauded because she’s not. »

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To clarify, this has nothing to do with the PS5. It's about your apparent general stand and understanding of the anthropogenic origin of climate change. I think I know and trust you enough to know you are not in denial and if provided with proper information you can change your mind and perhaps see how the computer world and free software can play a part in a positive change and implement that in your work. Anyway, best of luck and good bye for now.

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Very sad and surprised to hear Bryan Lunduke's (subtle yet clear enough) stand on climate change:
@lunduke I hope you look up not only on the science but simply the events happening right now in the world you live in.
Free software doesn't exist in a world without humanity, and our extinction is truly starting to be at stake if we don't shift all of our systems in a very short schedule.
I can't support nor follow someone who ignores that no matter what they do.

Is there a DRM-free alternative to either the Blu-Ray discs or the VOD market (legal and including big titles)? Even a project in progress?
Is it even legally possible to achieve such a thing? It looks like movies have incredibly stricter laws than music and still pictures.

(:gimp: 's fork) is I think a step in the right direction and a cool project.
This new name isn't yet carved in stone (until GIMP 3.0) so I recommend you all to vote on this public shared document, even if in favor of Glimpse (but please at least give it some thought and look at the other ideas too):

Feel free to ask me about the spreadsheet (I made it)

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is apparently twice as fast at pretty much everything in than :
If you're still on Windows, you're wasting a lot of time.

:blender: So the Principled BSDF is missing this:
and now I need a T-shirt saying "Everything has **Roughness** Fresnel"

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