All my feature requests for foss projects are now some form of :
"yada yada...
... look at Blender for example"

I fear it's all for nothing, as some day I'll have to add:
"Nevermind... I don't use this program anymore. My computer boots on Blender and I do everything in it."

Then some later day I'll probably tell people:
I'm sorry your bionic eye crashed. You should really consider installing Eevee on it though. Personally my whole body runs on Blender and my life hasn't stopped being perfect.

Version 20.04 recently came out and has major performance updates, features and bug and crash fixes.
I've tried the things you did in your rant video and none of the issues and performance differences with Olive happen on my side anymore.
If it works better for you too now, then this video may not be valid anymore so I hope you update it if that's the case.

I'm putting social media aside for a (long) while because I have many things to do and FOSS code to write and I don't discipline myself enough on Mastodon. This may last potentially a year if not more but feel free to email me at if you want.
My accounts will stay active nonetheless but I'll turn off all notifications.
It's been awesome reading your toots and discussing with you.
See you later (゚⊿゚)οΎ‰οΎž

One way it changed me is that it didn't turn out as I expected. I thought I would be relieved of guilt and a little happier for that but, uuhhh that "world of new information" thing is... ho wow... it's not... there's no relief here, it's not relieving at all. It's like, "Neo waking from the Matrix" level of eye-opening. But hey, don't be like Cipher chewing on that meat saying "ignorance is bliss" because he dies at the end so maybe they meant he's not a great role model. replace KdenLive by Olive and Synfig by Blender Grease Pencil and it won't look terrifying.

2.9 ??? (κ‰Ίβ–‘κ‰Ί )
Yeah, you sure as hell need an update.
As amelia said, you can use the appimage like most linux users do.
Although if you go on the download page you can see a ppa url there:
I'm curious to know if it has the latest version and if it runs faster than the appimage

As for comics, I don't know about project management but you'll find plenty of tutorials and brush resources for comic drawing on David Revoy's website:

:blender: Did you know you can split a region render into multiple sub-regions on your LAN with ?
This is very useful for rendering part of a large still image in a fraction of the time it would take on a single machine.

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:blender: news:
if the crowdfunding goal isn't met by the end of January, the devs will have to shut down the project. But it's definitely not played out yet!
They've reached 342$/month of their 750 goal.
Remember, whatever happens, they will make it open source. But if anyone can best develop this awesome add-on, it's obviously them and I'm confident we ain't seen nothing yet!

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@squeakypancakes Also, is it a Toy Story easter egg in a Wall-E scene or a Wall-E easter egg in a terribly tragic Toy Story scene?

@yogthos holy s*** how many drones had to die to get the right take?

@sybren Amazing! Jee how many are you now? Is this in the same building?

Holy crap...
... File layers can be transformed.
... How did I miss that feature for so long?
This can't happen again:

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