@davidrevoy Actually it's the eye of an interdimensional being and it's currently screaming: "Aaah! It burns! Please get this lamp of my eye I'm begging you! " but she can't hear it 'cuz its mouth is in the other dimension.

@emergencyexit Both F12 and Shift+Ctrl+C open it, and you can't customize Firefox shortcuts so if you're like me and often use the terminal you may often end up accidentally opening the inspector while trying to copy some text, which is quite annoying.

Wait, what? How can... what do you mea... are you say... this is crazy !!

@davidrevoy Ok you've gotta go somewhere with this. It's just too cool.

@LPS I know we all know there would be tripods but jeez, way to blow the design surprise right before it starts!
Not that movie trailer rules always apply to TV show trailers but Spielberg showed nothing at all including in the movie posters and imho it works better and helped make the reveal scenes be all the more freaky:

:firefox: How on earth does still use Shift+Ctrl+C to open the inspector?
Am I the only brainless person to always try to copy and paste things the same way I do it in the ?

@adamk678 no matter the issue, rebooting a computer will always be a good thing to try.

@unfa One could make a music with that title using microwave sounds (and egg explosion sounds of course)

@unfa all food starts popping at some point in a microwave, since steam can form under parts that hardened because of the heat. You can crack an egg all you want, it may still pop at places, or explode.

@SinaCutie Hi,
about your Mastodon & Glitch-soc Variable Width userstyle, can you clarify how we can change the drawer column width setting ? (I installed it on the Stylus FF add-on)

artists, (if any are here on mastodon), free graphics software users are ready to help you make the switch. Ask for help!

@fakefred If we find something that beats humans in stupidity, the mathematical repercussions would ripple until we basically have to rebuild all of our fundamental physics models from scratch. Let's make sure it doesn't happen.

Few months ago, we started an instance with @Steve12L dedicated to the protection of animals.
We first opened it to French speakers, but that's maybe time to open it more globally.


Special thanks to "La SPA de Montluçon" 🙏


Don't hesitate to spread it :)

OEMGEE!! I can't wait for such dynamic rigs to influence 3D rigs development and make the Peanuts movie look like a piece of doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles to do!

SVG images support ?
HDR support?
A fully-fledged WebGL 3D render engine to display and interact with 3D scenes in real-time with support for VR, interactive animation and compatibility with Blender's shaders ?

Me: if I was allowed time to develop a Blender plugin to replace <<old proprietary app>>, we would, among other things, have Ctrl+Z
Colleague : I don't see why you need a ctrl+Z, I never use it.





The United Nations recent climate reports combine the studies of 15 000 scientists around the world giving the same alarming conclusions. I can assure you the consensus was not remotely as important 20 years ago.

And please, don't say "I've been around the sun long enough" again. Using your personal experience to disprove a complex global phenomenon doesn't play well at all, especially once you've established yourself you're not a scientist.

@lunduke You may not personally feel the negative effects in your home yet but most parts of the world do. The Earth is big and complex but both the science and evidence gathering technology have made massive leaps in a few decades.
Here's some evidence shown by NASA:

The "ice age" prediction has never been a dominant theory.
But anyway it's by far not anymore just predictions. There are currently millions of climate refugees around the world either because of drought or the rise of sea level.The number of living species is crumbling and the largest forests are being destroyed at an unprecedented pace. 1/3

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