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CrowdRender, a totally awesome network rendering add-on (basically the best for the average user) is getting nearly no donation and is now apparently in dire need of support or they may have to start shutting down their activity in a matter of weeks.

I use it on a daily basis in my job and couldn't work nearly as fast without it. The email I received is the image below.

Here's their donation page:

Let's show how awesome of a community we are.

It is done! I no longer have an account on any of the #GAFAM 

:mastodon: My favorite highlights of 2.7.0 :
- Multiple hashtags in a single column (I literally asked for that: discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/r)
- The new Profile directory: mastodon.art/explore
- The new public tags page layout mastodon.art/tags/krita (do you know what's missing from that? That's right, multiple hashtags in a single page)
- The new notification filters

Check the Release notes, this release is bonkers
Thanks @Curator for the upgrade!

I'm mitigated on the layout and some graphical effects of my CV. Is there anything that shocks you?

@sybren I must say the stickers sold at BCON18 didn't last very long:

This is the light in a nightly bus.
Some designer needs to learn about melatonin.

Some tourists visiting an animator zoo/museum.
It even has mannequins in a reproduction of their working environment !

For those unaware, @Blender is tooting photos of the conference live! I don't know who's the photograph but he's super talented! (JK it's me)

Bike rented and OMG I have no brakes ! JK but it took me a while to find how to brake (pedaling backwards). But holy cow it's not as easy as I expected biking in .

blenderartists.org is becoming its own art station. The Grid gallery view mode just got released and it is delightful 🍦 :


Huge Props to Bart and the developer for making this open source plug-in!

Graswald, one of the 3 best Blender add-ons for nature scene creation ever made got released a few days ago:


Have a look at the promotional artwork, it will blow you away. Then have a look at the tutorial and you will go nuts:

Texture Haven, the secret project of @gregzaal is out !
Incredibly exciting times ahead for CG artists (especially Blender artists)

I just realized by looking at an old drawing of mine that you should probably never use an average home scanner to digitize your drawings. The color management is awful (especially visible here on the red and white balloons) :

Happy new year everyone !
I made a little Blender add-on to kick it off :
Backface-Hiding : it hides backfacing or non-visible geometry (useful for retopology with X-Ray mode for example)
Download it on Github and give your feedback :


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