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@gregzaal No way !
Welcome to Mastodon,
I told you it wasn't gonna die !
It's a happy place for me now

@gregzaal A few things to get you started :
1 : You may want to dress up the interface for your needs using Stylish :
I personally use the Variable Width and the Single Column (Simple) themes. If it doesn't work on a particular instance of mastodon (like, it's because the url is not included in the theme script, so you'd have to edit it and therefore install the Greasemonkey browser add-on.

3 : some talented Krita artists you may know :

I follow many more people and groups/companies/legal entities, some you certainly know, you can see them in my profile and read their bio to see who they are.

@gregzaal in fact it's been a while since I searched for libre graphics folks here, so let me add a few to the list : (fairly new official Krita account but quite active)

Also try the hashtag hugin, it gives many results (as well as the classics b3d, krita, etc...)