Do you have any GAFAM account(s) (Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft) ?

@ChameleonScales unfortunately I've found it difficult to dispense with gmail, although I continue to look into options for that. Also use Android phones, so...ditching Google is going to be a challenge for me. I don't use Apple products at all so don't have any accounts with them. The other two I won't elaborate on here except to say that wow Facebook spies on people so much and Microsoft owns a staggering amount of widely used services (eg. Git and Skype).

@unspeakablehorror Migrating to alternatives is certainly time-consuming.
For me the longest part was ditching Gmail because I used my Gmail address in over 100 websites, so I had to go to each of them to make the change and the procedure was often different.
However, every migration I made came with lots of cleaning and some change of perspective, which improved my digital life.

@unspeakablehorror If you're interested in alternatives to Gmail and Android,
I've been using Protonmail for years (easiest way to have a free and privacy-focused email) and used /e/ for about a month now and I'm already much happier with it than with Android. It's a de-googled fork of LineageOS which itself is already a partly de-googled Android. But you can still use all your favorite Android apps on it.
Feel free to ask me more about it.

@ChameleonScales Protonmail is certainly promising. I might check out /e/. How do you search for that in search engines? The name seems a bit hard to search for haha. I was able to get some results from searching 'LineageOS fork' but maybe there's a better way. I don't know that I have anything I could install it on yet since I usually only check for user-replaceable battery on my phone (so I'd need to add the additional requirement that it be easy to install a new os on).

@unspeakablehorror Installing /e/ can be very quick (10 min once you know all the steps), but of course the first time always takes longer.
And yeah the name /e/ was definitely a terrible idea. It's impossible to find anything by typing it in a search engine.
Historically it was first named eelo, which still gives some results but I'll give you some important links:

The official main website:
The forum:


Before you try to install it, check if your device is supported using this list:
If it is, check if you can find all your apps:
There are mainly 3 ways to get apps in /e/. The built-in app store, The F-droid store and direct apk downloads from the web. The simplest thing to do is to first check if your app is in



If not, check if it's in the /e/ app store by following this short guide:
From there your apps should be covered but if not, check if any remaining app has an official web page where it provides the apk file directly.

If all is good and you feel like you can give it a try, tell me before trying because I can win you quite some time and give you important info.


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