Very sad and surprised to hear Bryan Lunduke's (subtle yet clear enough) stand on climate change:
@lunduke I hope you look up not only on the science but simply the events happening right now in the world you live in.
Free software doesn't exist in a world without humanity, and our extinction is truly starting to be at stake if we don't shift all of our systems in a very short schedule.
I can't support nor follow someone who ignores that no matter what they do.


To clarify, this has nothing to do with the PS5. It's about your apparent general stand and understanding of the anthropogenic origin of climate change. I think I know and trust you enough to know you are not in denial and if provided with proper information you can change your mind and perhaps see how the computer world and free software can play a part in a positive change and implement that in your work. Anyway, best of luck and good bye for now.

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The "ice age" prediction has never been a dominant theory.
But anyway it's by far not anymore just predictions. There are currently millions of climate refugees around the world either because of drought or the rise of sea level.The number of living species is crumbling and the largest forests are being destroyed at an unprecedented pace. 1/3

@lunduke You may not personally feel the negative effects in your home yet but most parts of the world do. The Earth is big and complex but both the science and evidence gathering technology have made massive leaps in a few decades.
Here's some evidence shown by NASA:


The United Nations recent climate reports combine the studies of 15 000 scientists around the world giving the same alarming conclusions. I can assure you the consensus was not remotely as important 20 years ago.

And please, don't say "I've been around the sun long enough" again. Using your personal experience to disprove a complex global phenomenon doesn't play well at all, especially once you've established yourself you're not a scientist.

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