:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: 

is the rebranded version. It will also bring changes in other areas of the program (while staying based on GIMP as it evolves of course)
I wish it didn't come to this but I'm game for switching.


(:gimp: 's fork) is I think a step in the right direction and a cool project.
This new name isn't yet carved in stone (until GIMP 3.0) so I recommend you all to vote on this public shared document, even if in favor of Glimpse (but please at least give it some thought and look at the other ideas too):

Feel free to ask me about the spreadsheet (I made it)

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@ChameleonScales our stance on this is that the document is non-binding, but will inform further discussion. 🙂

We know people have strong opinions about the #Glimpse name, and this unofficial initiative affords an opportunity to make it clear which alternative that a) resolves concerns, b) stands up to scrutiny & c) has wide community support you prefer.

If an alternative is not found before we fork from 3.0 or there is a clear vote in favour of doing so, we will keep the “Glimpse” name.

@ChameleonScales Are people *still* talking about changing it yet again? That's wild to me.

@sky As wild as it seems, branding is a real discipline. There are schools and full-time jobs for it. So if we're a bunch of not professional marketers doing this in our free time, it can take long to find the best ideas.

@ChameleonScales just imho as a layperson, the nice sounding name chosen by those who started the project and that's already gotten positive press is the obvious choice, especially when the alternatives aren't good /shrug

I would add this opinion to your spreadsheet but I'm afraid this layperson also can't figure out how to edit it on mobile.

as I saw someone else suggest some months ago, I'm a big fan of 'Bob FOSS' as a name for it. ;)
#BobFOSS is such a delicious #pun on #BobRoss, that that would get my vote instead.

@FiXato I think this proposal has been officially dismissed. We're looking for something sort of "marketable" and attractive for a wider audience, so this little pun is in my opinion solving the slur issue by bringing both unclarity and silliness issues.

how is it bringing unclarity? I'd say that a name that refers to both a famous painter, and that it's a FOSS product, would have more clarity than a verb/noun such as glimpse?

Anyway, I've never really enjoyed the UI of #GIMP, so I guess I'm not in the target audience anyway.

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