The 3 just got out :

I really appreciate their environmental and approach.
Sure they don't develop a full FOSS OS like 's but you can install an existing one without voiding your warranty and it pretty much becomes the ultimate ethical phone.
I wish both companies combined forces but right now I'd rather not contribute to human labor and armed conflicts than prioritize my own high-level privacy.

What do you think? What will you buy?

@gbryant I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on that. I hope Fairphone gets at least a little more talked about in the FOSS community.

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@ChameleonScales I have a FP2 (and will keep it as long as it survives, so hopefully there's no need for me to think about buying a FP3). And being an IT noob, I was really happy how easy it was to remove the initially installed Android and install the Fairphone Open Android.

So I think it's at least a very good choice for casual users that are both interested in a fairer smartphone and in having an open source OS. 🤔
For every other phone it seemed more complicated to me... 🙈

@fluffyfied Same here. I plan to install an alternate OS on my FP2 but I'd like a non-android-based (and still good) one so I may have to wait for GnomeOS to come out and try it. Still looking at my options.

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