hear ye! hear ye!

The official #blender #peertube instance video.blender.org will be mirroring videos from it's official #youtube channel. So for all you #alternative, #freedom-loving, #opensource peeps we can now #deleteyoutube as well:)

@LPS instead of a hashtag, you can link directly to @blender , this is what ActivityPub is for

@ChameleonScales @blender great point. I'll include that in updates from now on:)

@ChameleonScales @blender not sure why but it seems as though the video.blender.org instance is not tooting changes. Another possibility is to follow the RSS to activitypub @blender
which updates almost instantly.

I found that odd so well. I have an account on share.tube but couldn't search or even add a subscription to the new channels. I suppose I should mention to Francesco or Dr. Sybren but afraid they're too busy. If you speak to them could you bring it up?

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