:blender: Did you know you can split a region render into multiple sub-regions on your LAN with ?
This is very useful for rendering part of a large still image in a fraction of the time it would take on a single machine.

:blender: news:
if the crowdfunding goal isn't met by the end of January, the devs will have to shut down the project. But it's definitely not played out yet!
They've reached 342$/month of their 750 goal.
Remember, whatever happens, they will make it open source. But if anyone can best develop this awesome add-on, it's obviously them and I'm confident we ain't seen nothing yet!

Saying that if people drastically changed their way of life they could still only offset a few % of the impact humanity has on the planet whereas corporations could offset most of it makes complete sense... if you don't realize that 100% of humanity is people and 0% of corporations would survive if those people's way of life meant not doing any business with them.
We have all the power needed. We just need the bravery.

⚠️ :blender:
CrowdRender, a totally awesome network rendering add-on (basically the best for the average user) is getting nearly no donation and is now apparently in dire need of support or they may have to start shutting down their activity in a matter of weeks.

I use it on a daily basis in my job and couldn't work nearly as fast without it. The email I received is the image below.

Here's their donation page:

Let's show how awesome of a community we are.

There is no general "it". Life on will remain until all the water evaporates from the oceans in 3 billion years and the only thing saying "**it** will be too late" does is installing a slow creeping incitement to give up on our efforts. There will always be countless reasons not to, no matter how bad we screw up and given the work we have to do, there is no room for uncertainty over whether or not people will understand what we mean by "it". 2/2

I still hear to this day the phrase "if we don't act it will be too late" as a general statement about .
We really have to stop saying that unless about a specific threshold 1/2

To be more precise, say I have a lattice on a Suzanne and I instance both as duplifaces. If I make the duplicates real and the lattices single users, they don't influence their respective Suzanne.
The same goes if I use a collection instead of multiple objects and same again if I use particle instances instead of duplifaces.
The only way I found to make this work is to assign each modifier manually.
Given that I may have hundreds of such objects, this is way unpractical.

:blender: Does anyone know if there's a way to get a modifier of an instanced object to refer to its respective object?
I can't get this to happen no matter what approach I try.

Guess how many times a week I say "Damn I love Blender so much":

if we don't consider cellular division as the death of the cell, then LUCA is still alive today and we all are a 3.8 billion years old being.

Is there a way to drag a Workspace tab instead of just moving it to the first or last position?

I'm quite curious to know where the idea that intellectual property is good for comes from. Who started it? We must find him if we have to dig in prehistoric times to get to the bottom of this myth.

Skywatch is out!
Huge congrats to Colin Levy and the rest of the team.
All the more awesome times ahead for Blender

Enjoy your order πŸ“¦
Skywatch launches tomorrow but Nexport already released its *totally real* adverstisement campaign:

Don't miss the short film.

... and quit Amazon ( ◑ٹ◐)

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