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Blender 2.80 Release Candidate is online! Check out what's new on blender.org/download/releases/ download it, test it and report any issue on developer.blender.org/ #b3d #b280

New adorable puppet from barnabydixon :
I always love his designs and hand motions.

Has anyone ever heard of some Blender add-on that uses some online world map tiles (e.g. a WMS feed) and feeds them to a texture in a way so you can zoom on parts of a map and the tiles get loaded depending on your camera zoom and location ?

You know what sucks about Blender?
Once you know it well enough, you get frustrated by every other computer program you use because now you know what's possible.

Wow. #Kurgezagt nearly promoting meat consumption, #SmarterEveryday literally praising industrial monoculture farming and #Veritasium admitting he's bowing to the Youtube algorithm and going for clickbait from this point onward to keep the views up. Time to leave Youtube for good.

Chernobyl's disaster gives a more valid than ever lesson to us 

Why are you not joining forces more?
I see more and more clones of projects made by single developers and from where I stand it looks like they don't join the existing projects because they want recognition. The only projects I know that got people to join in numbers and don't have any clone are those that are too complex to tackle alone (e.g. Blender)

I need to understand FOSS developers better by now because somehow, I'm starting to perceive selfishness in the community. So please explain and correct me :

@LPS Hi,
sorry, can you remind me that youtube alternative front-end you've been using for a while?

Hey mastonauts , who here has deleted their account permanently ?
I'm slowly working towards it but I'd like to know your experience if you did it, mostly concerning Youtube subscriptions.

Music streaming rant 

No movie in history has ever gotten this simple scientific fact right: 

OpenStreetMap recently added "toy library" as a category. If you know a game and toy library, update its category to make it easier to find.

Jee, seriously, Blender 2.7x already had the best user interface in the world, but 2.8's UI & UX will make aliens jealous accross the whole galaxy.
It freaks me out every time I watch the livestream or just fiddle with it !

I've never been a Debian user but from my (very) recent job experience it seems that using Debian rather than newer distros and sticking to the official repository to keep stability in a team work environment is an outdated idea. Things break and crash more often than I've ever seen. Does it sound to you like something you'd expect from having this setup nowadays?

Anagram of the year: 

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