@sybren I must say the stickers sold at BCON18 didn't last very long:

You may see your health differently if your organs are animated characters:

If you don't laugh your ass off at this, I don't know what planet I'm on.

For those who have issues with the Blender Peertube instance, report them on this Peertube forum topic:


@dansup I found the feature, by myself! 😕 😑 (there's no grumpy emoji, how did that happen?) :

@openscience Your profile page and pinned toots don't say much about what you do. Have you tried Mastodon's profile metadata ?
You can see it in action on my profile page.


I spent a few hours to optimize the render time without loosing quality, found some bugs ... and also there workarounds to overcome them. :) 3 minutes 12 seconds for rendering 250 images (960x540) with a GTX 1080 (on my laptop).

I've got to this point of constant awareness of mass surveillance and connectivity where I thought: "oh s***, I said that. That was pretty bad. I hope it's not gonna come bac... oh no it was in my head. Wait but can Goog... Dude, seriously?".
So whether it's the world or my head, something's deeply wrong.
Don't say anything!! I know what it is

9% of all the plastic ever made has been recycled. wooo! 🙆‍♂️

Fascinating 3blue1brown video (or in other words, "3blue1brown video"):
So if I understand correctly, CG fluid sims aren't unconvincing just because of the particle number limitations. The physics formula is actually still a work in progress.

Big question for DRM-free content advovates: Show more

What in the hell is that?


Did the website get pirated?
And who is that much of a monster to do that?

I spent the night watching Lion, the story about an indian child who got lost by getting stuck in a train driving for several days (and survived the craziest things and spent 25 years lost) and then re-read my toot. Whoever faved it is as spoiled as I am.
No but seriously, this movie is a must-see.

3 hours later: Holy crap! This strikes me every time but jeez, coaches are so, so, so not designed for sleeping! Every surface is hard, vibrating and shaped in the most unfriendly way for your head to hold onto.

This is the light in a nightly bus.
Some designer needs to learn about melatonin.

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