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Caetano Veyssières

Simple poll: do you think "Duckduckgo" was a good name choice for this search engine?
A simple yes or no will do.
Please boost

A World map showing Blender users: Show more

Jared Owen makes any complex mechanism clear as cristal with his 3D animations made with Blender.
Here's his last one on Gumball machines:

Agent 327 crossed 4M Views! Well, the official Youtube video, not the sum of all other uploads.
Congrats once more to the team! is becoming its own art station. The Grid gallery view mode just got released and it is delightful 🍦 :

Huge Props to Bart and the developer for making this open source plug-in!

@gregzaal I stand corrected. No need to install Greasemonkey. You can edit a userscript directly from the Stylish add-on in a quicker and more user-friendly.way.
Mastodon has been shaping up lately. For instance you can now add bio fields to include links to websites which leaves room for a longer bio (example on my profile).
A bunch of other new features, UI improvements and fixes were made, if you're still interested:

Graswald, one of the 3 best Blender add-ons for nature scene creation ever made got released a few days ago:

Have a look at the promotional artwork, it will blow you away. Then have a look at the tutorial and you will go nuts:

⬆ see above post ⬆ (I forgot to include the hashtag)

Texture Haven, the secret project of @gregzaal is out !
Incredibly exciting times ahead for CG artists (especially Blender artists)

Wow, moving from Github to Gitlab is way easier than I expected. A few clicks and you're done!

@bryanlunduke I think your latest Linux sucks could still have ended in a positive note (or "hope" note).
See, the neck beards are not showing up at events but they're still out there. What I mean to say is that the true spirit of free software will never die, even if it has to shift, change place and people, kind of like the rebellion/resistance in Star Wars (cheap reference but appropriate enough).

Linux Sucks 2018 :
Thankfully @bryanlunduke fooled us with the title of the previous one.
Although this one is a new beginning, very different to all the previous ones (and it's not reassuring).

I've mentioned my "best of" Krita and Inkscape selection galleries in the past but I've grown them quite a bit since then so I think it's worth mentioning again :
Show them to the free software skeptics you encounter !

@gregzaal in fact it's been a while since I searched for libre graphics folks here, so let me add a few to the list : (fairly new official Krita account but quite active)

Also try the hashtag hugin, it gives many results (as well as the classics b3d, krita, etc...)

@Curator where can we see which version of mastodon this instance is currently using ?