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You know your computer is a waffle iron when it gives you enough loading time to let you become a champion at & friends. Or maybe you know it when the only game it lets you play while loading anything is Frogatto & friends? I don't know which of the 2!

I think is on the path to become one of the most consistently great multi-director animation studio in history.

Five feature films, never the same directors, groundbreaking animation techniques on almost each new release, amazing stories and design, so far it's really comparable to the early days of Pixar.

Sorry, I searched through and didn't find an answer so I'll just ask you: does the Blender foundation receive subsidies from the state of the Netherlands?

Is there an open source online 3D model-sharing platform?

Genuine question: Why is #Brave browser not taking off?
The concept can change the internet profoundly, the private mode can use #Tor :tor: , what's dragging it back?
#askmastodon #mastonauts

I've never seen this: a real 3D fractal game with physics. And the mandelbulb/box can transform in real time:
This is so damn cool !

@Curator So you've certainly been asked a hundred times but will the gallery be back?

What does a free software, ecology and animal rights activist answer when you ask "What's up with linux programs always having animal mascots? Do they think they will save the planet with open source?" Show more

:mastodon: My favorite highlights of 2.7.0 :
- Multiple hashtags in a single column (I literally asked for that:
- The new Profile directory:
- The new public tags page layout (do you know what's missing from that? That's right, multiple hashtags in a single page)
- The new notification filters

Check the Release notes, this release is bonkers
Thanks @Curator for the upgrade!

We are looking for some graphics help for making a poster for a conference about the Referendum of Citizen Initiative in Annecy ( ) with guests like Etienne Chouard, Demos Kratos and others.
We don't have a budget for that so the reward is to be part of a revolutionary movement!

We have an easy way to save net neutrality. Do it now!

... sorry for that. It's not funny.

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@lps The reason I'm thinking of going to Canada is because I might apply to a learning course on wild life preservation. This is not sure yet as it would be a huge turn in my life but needless to say wildlife and its value in Canadian culture is incomparable to what it is in France. The main things holding me back so far is the proximity to the US and the obvious risk of failing and losing a lot of money in the process.

Why is software that is programmed with taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software? We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for public sector must be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence.

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