Just noticed we're 9 months away from the 20-year anniversary of the first Blender commit. This commit was quoted exactly twice in nearly 20 years of development:

That's weird.

Any merch ideas for anyone ?
Preferably something more original than T-shirts, hoodies and mugs.
And it has to support a free software project!

4 years ago I made this small feature request that people seemed to agree with and it still stands :
The VSE has gotten a lot of love lately so I feel like now is a good time to raise it again.
Upvote and make it hot plz!

Our 1.1 About Screen Contest is now closed to entries.

Congratulations to all who entered!

The Community Vote has begun!

Head here to make your selection:


Python 3.9 is coming to #Blender 2.93. I'm committing the library files to SVN right now.

#b3d #Python #upgrades

I forked and made a edition : peertube.tux.ovh/videos/watch/

The mouse and modifier keys are just an svg so you can make anything out of it and make it a lot more detailed and complex. isn't that fun?
Take that, non-Linux OSes

Today I implemented a new Euler filter, to remove discontinuities from rotations. If you want to help test the new filter, please download an experimental #Blender build from developer.blender.org/D9602 and let me know how it works for you.

#b3d #Animation #devfund

All my feature requests for foss projects are now some form of :
"yada yada...
... look at Blender for example"

I fear it's all for nothing, as some day I'll have to add:
"Nevermind... I don't use this program anymore. My computer boots on Blender and I do everything in it."

Then some later day I'll probably tell people:
I'm sorry your bionic eye crashed. You should really consider installing Eevee on it though. Personally my whole body runs on Blender and my life hasn't stopped being perfect.

:blender: Did you know you can split a region render into multiple sub-regions on your LAN with ?
This is very useful for rendering part of a large still image in a fraction of the time it would take on a single machine.

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:blender: news:
if the crowdfunding goal isn't met by the end of January, the devs will have to shut down the project. But it's definitely not played out yet!
They've reached 342$/month of their 750 goal.
Remember, whatever happens, they will make it open source. But if anyone can best develop this awesome add-on, it's obviously them and I'm confident we ain't seen nothing yet!

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Saying that if people drastically changed their way of life they could still only offset a few % of the impact humanity has on the planet whereas corporations could offset most of it makes complete sense... if you don't realize that 100% of humanity is people and 0% of corporations would survive if those people's way of life meant not doing any business with them.
We have all the power needed. We just need the bravery.

⚠️ :blender:
CrowdRender, a totally awesome network rendering add-on (basically the best for the average user) is getting nearly no donation and is now apparently in dire need of support or they may have to start shutting down their activity in a matter of weeks.

I use it on a daily basis in my job and couldn't work nearly as fast without it. The email I received is the image below.

Here's their donation page:

Let's show how awesome of a community we are.

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