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Caetano Veyssières

anyone using ? How's your experience with it ?

Printers are the peak of capitalism :

What I do and advise : if you can't afford a laser printer, stop using your personal ink jet printer and go wherever you can get things printed for you (print shop, school, etc...) It's definitely less expensive.

If you know of any open source printer or a printer company that isn't all about ripping us off and lying, please tell me about it.

Stephen Hawking, your legacy will illuminate us and radiate in the cosmos until time... never ends. I thank the universe and its incredible odds for having had you tread our little planet, but mostly you for bringing us such optimism and desire to understand whatever this thing we live in is and how it can come to be.

Just watched the Lego Batman Movie. What hurts the most is my throat after puking lego bricks. Some director is trying to top Michael Bay.

The dad made some pretty bad moves at some moments and... (spoiler) Show more

Just watched Captain Fantastic and, well, that's what the movie is.
Loved it.

@citylights where do you put your artwork other than on instagram ?

@Curator on the home page it says "Please feel free to request an invite from any current active artist."
How do I invite someone ?

Announcing the Blender 2.8 Code Quest: get the core Blender developers together in Amsterdam to finish Blender 2.8!

Support us today:

#b3d #codequest

There's a new official place for blender folks to chat : (that's the actual url)

hey @frd , little question : are you involved in Kdenlive's development in some way ?

Share this massively if you're part of (or care about) the Blender 3D community : is about to improve drastically and is going over a fundraising campaign to do it in the best way :
Trust me, the community will greatly benefit from it.

Today : me listening to Lewis Black and hurting my tummy from laughter leads to me watching the Anger scene from Inside Out leads to me watching the rest of the movie leads to 3 tissues full of tears. Seriously how the **** does this amazing movie get me so hard every time ? I've got things to do !

I made several updates to my backface hiding add-on for Blender.
I you do some retopology, you may want to have a look at it :

The Mantissa just gave away 60 amazing motion graphic loops made in Blender under a CC0 licence, and the blend files are upcoming too.

@monsterjavaguns in your hunt, did you find an instance that is focused on FLOSS ? or should I say, "particularly" focused, since we're on Mastodon, so it's kind of a giveaway that they all sort of are.

Is there a mastodon instance that uses a server focused on using sustainable energy and other ecological ideas that may come along with it ?

Happy new year everyone !
I made a little Blender add-on to kick it off :
Backface-Hiding : it hides backfacing or non-visible geometry (useful for retopology with X-Ray mode for example)
Download it on Github and give your feedback :

I'm pretty stuck on this : trying to make a blender python command to make the selected face active (provided there's only one face selected of course). If anyone has any idea how to do this, I added a thread here :