@sybren does anyone at the B.I. have a fairphone ? After all, their headquarters are in Amsterdam

I finally bought a Fairphone (2) !
I've been using it for a few days and I must say I'm amazed by its capabilities. I've never been as grateful to own a piece of technology as I was when I opened the box. Just knowing what goes behind its making fundamentally changes your perspective when using it, and that's not to be neglected.

Blender has officially reached the top of the animated movies industry

Is there any music platform other than Google play that allows you to download popular music as audio files that you can keep forever ?
I mean "popular" in the sense that you won't find it on bandcamp or jamendo (e.g. movie soundtracks or famous artists like Daft Punk, etc...)

ICYMI - The Wakeful Hoodie IGG campaign is online: wakefulhoodie.com.

🌈 Ultra durable colors.
🔺 Colorful geometric patterns.
🐾 Front side sports a guardian spirit: the loyal Wakeful Wolf.

The campaign ends on October 7. Boosts appreciated.💕
#colorful #wolf #fashion #art

Mastodon v2.5.0rc1 (release candidate) is out for those who want to test it:


Improvements include:

- New profiles
- MySpace Top 8 (not really)
- Remote interactions for toots
- Federation relays
- Admin dashboard
- tootctl command-line interface
- and more! :toot:

Anyone going to the Blender conference 2018? I booked at the Stayokay Vondelpark in a 6-9 room but didn't join any blenderheads group yet. If you booked in the same kind of room or know people who did, please let me know, thank you!

We're over 4000 Blender Cloud subscribers! Another milestone reached for the Blender Institute :D


#b3d #BlenderCloud #Blender #subscribers #Cloud

@matray Hey, didn' see ya here! Late to greet you but Welcome to Mastodon anyway!

Gravitylight is dead, long live Nowlight !
Let's end the dark hours of those who don't have electricity in the world as well as our unsustainable electricity consumption once and for all!
Support the indiegogo campaign:


Simple poll: do you think "Duckduckgo" was a good name choice for this search engine?
A simple yes or no will do.
Please boost

A World map showing Blender users: Show more

Jared Owen makes any complex mechanism clear as cristal with his 3D animations made with Blender.
Here's his last one on Gumball machines:

Agent 327 crossed 4M Views! Well, the official Youtube video, not the sum of all other uploads.
Congrats once more to the team!

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