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@Chairae these are the main characters of the comic i'm working on:

Xéari, an anxious bean who used to be a human earth girl, but got portal'd to another planet and turned into a dragon and just wants to go home.
Ciran, an angry shark boy with the emotional maturity of a 13yo who takes no shit.
Vark, a grumpy book nerd, runt of the nest, thinks dragons are The Best.
and Leanael, an upbeat and fiery hunter on a pilgrimage to Discover Herself.

they've changed a lot over the years!

Just the first illustration featuring my OC Syd

Character design (c) Cylunny @ Deviantart
Art (c) me

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Don't really have a main oc yet, but I'll show this girl since she is my current pfp here

This is kat ( Kathy ) she is a quiet nerdy neko girl with a resting expression that looks as if she's drifting off
Her natural location is indoors and she has a thing for reading and technology

Unfortunately i don't have any other images with me right now (i don't have much on my phone)

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I don't know if "main" is the right word for Rin, but Rin is a stand user I just can't get enough of drawing even though I haven't drawn her in a while.

Rin is mentally unstable, and because of it her stand changes names. The power is always the same, though. Something between snake, train, and girl, the power is Pressure, and how that evidences changes. Her right shoulder got seriously injured, and she uses her stand's hand to "replace" it.

She happens to have a relatively rare and very complete leucism, with no pigment beyond what's in her eyes. She dyes her hair and wears a lot of goth makeup to hide it, because she's really sensitive about it. Also she's really sensitive to the sun and is incredibly prone to heat exhaustion.

#art #originalcharacter #hithere

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@Chairae I'm Donovan, and my main OC is Dierdre!

Shes a royal mage who is dealing with bad PTSD after the disappearance of her mother and after being attacked by a monster the size of a goliath, and now she's out on an adventure with her sister and close friends to help her kingdom and - hopefully - find her mother ✨ (third picture is a side by side of one of her children from the future)

And here's another one of my ocs, his name is Xenos and I decided to draw him in 2B's clothes x)

He's part of my closed species called DemonInk, one of the ocs I love the most for sure ^^

He looks very cute, doesn't he? uwu

Sharing the link because my gif got screwed up lol

Here's a I made some days ago, featuring the Fair Lady from , a videogames I love from the deep of my heart ^^

Hope you like it!!

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My Main Oc's are Yuki and Lune! A very lively Princess and a brave Fox is loves adventure! When Both met they became very good friends! or even more then friends? =u=

well im working on much more (like a real story) with these two bc i really love them so much! 💕 ;u;

Quelaan is one of my main ocs. She's a kind and shy girl. I named her after my favorite Dark Souls' npc, they also share the same personality.
She's in love with Elentari, my friend's oc and they're both part of a closed species called Fysaera (by Chance-to-draw @ Deviantart).

Here some pictures of my cutie <3

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OC's thread!
I wanna meet new people ^^

- Show me your main oc(s) and tell me about them;
- share this post so more people can see it;
- check also the others!!

I'll start in the comments ^^

Hi y'all! I'm Chairae, a digital and traditional artist based in Italy. I mainly draw my ocs and design characters!

Here's a portrait featuring Quelaan, one of my mains.


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