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My process:

1. Traditional sketch. Roughs with light blue lead (0.7 "soft blue" color eno from Pilot in a Pilot Super Grip 0.7), then normal HB on top (0.5 hb from pilot in a Pilot Vega 0.5). The I scan it at 600 dpi because there is no such thing as too high dpi.

2. Cleaning in photoshop by first playing with levels, then image> adjustments> replace color to remove the blue (I usually have to do this step twice/until it looks good. Then I desaturate the whole thing and lift the sketch. I then flip it horizontally and see all the mistakes, fix what I can, flip again, fix some more. THEN I duplicate the layer and add a layer mask that I fill with black then paint back some of it with white to make the sketch look more like a real lineart.

3. I move on to clip studio where I flat it then add *some* shading and reflected colors.

4. Add more shading on a multiply layer and then some highlights with a screen layer, then back to photoshop where I play with some gradients on an overlay layer and add a color balance layer on top.

Finally made a static commission info page on my website, but it's unlinked in the navigation so any big clients who look at my portfolio won't accidentally end up there. C:<

I had a couple of commission requests by people from tumblr who had come across an old version of my commission info there and were disappointed when they heard my new prices, so maybe having a static page on my website will be better.

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Commission-info! Want me to draw your D&D-character? Or pretty much anything else?

Not setting a hard limit on these right now, but be aware that there might be a wait-list.

Email: €-prices are estimates based on current exchange-rate.

#mastoart #creativetoots #commissions #critters #DnD

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This fall I went from working mostly digitally to mostly traditional, and wow I need to remember to buy some folders because there are drawings lying everywhere in my room now!

Finished Tavarsia yesterday and I'm already starting to plan a children's book project?? I need to chill.

I really love having the option to make toots public/unlisted/followers only! I really like this place.

Uploaded the final page of my webcomic Tavarsia just now! Been working on it since July 2015 with my girlfriend helping me with the writing since spring 2016.

It's a queer fantasy comic with magic, seals, gates, elves and all that. c:

Read on tapas: (recommended for mobile)
or on the website:

The kickstarter for the printing of the final volume will launch in January!

Here are some watercolors I've done this fall. Fell in love with traditional media again after years of almost exclusively working digitally!


The least fun part about freelancing is the paperwork/accounting. orz

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I'm seeing lots of confusion around the federation about instances. So I'm gonna try to sum it up. 

With email, we use one domain, but we can still communicate with people on other domains-- gmail users can talk to hotmail users. We can have multiple accounts too.

Instances work a little like that--but they also have a "local timeline" to show you what's happening on your instance, which gives each instance its own community.

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Small Tips for New Folks 

1) This is a Content Warning post. Hit the CW button and you can create a title (what shows when post is hidden) and body (what shows when expanded). It's good ettiquite to use these for any spoilers or sensitive topics.

2) When you attach an image to your posts, your toot will be populated with an image URL. You can delete this. It doesn't need to be in the post for the image to show.

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