The closest thing I can provide for is one character from a germans series I illustrated (I'm not much into mermaids myself). The series is about a little northern german girl who got lost and got taken in by a squad of seagulls, one of which is a Mer-Gull named Pamela.
The gulls all care very lovingly for the little girl who is looking for her dad.
If you wanna find out more, here's a link (GER only):

[ ]

@CaptainHanyuu Your art is so goddamn cute! I love the seagulls haha. Is there an English translation anywhere, or is it only published in German?

@BirbsandDragons Thanks a lot! 🥰 Unfortunately it is german only (for now) mostly because the setting is in irl northern germany.

@CaptainHanyuu Oh that's fair. I was just curious. Still super nice though!

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