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Captain Bragd

the main characters from my on-going work "Organic Compound".

Wanted to put some color on that pic of Krpa and Holly w their babs.

Holly belongs to my friend popi-pipo

Wanna commission me?

Doodled this for my pal discordion​ last night but was to sleepy to post it. Disco is a real fun character to mess around with~

Pose and Discos shape in this was inspired by some photos of the lovely Alex Storm:

Hey check out my Commissions:

Drew this cute ork based on a description I saw on tumblr. She's big and gay and the butchest ass bartender u ever saw.

This dude is named Maraschino Cherry and he belongs to @probablyartistrpgideas, Can’t wait to see what they draw for their end of the art trade :3c

A friend sent me a rlly cute video of Brianna Francisco the other day, and I got inspired, ended up doodling Acre in one of her outfits ✌️

Commissions are open:

Wow I'm nearly at ... 80 followers? You guys ... thank you so much! I haven't done any new stuff yet so I thought I'd show you something I did for my Mum earlier this year, a Highland Cow :)

Finished drawing Hotheads two team mates for

Mask, the gunslinging master of disguises and illussions from the Salish-Sidhe.


Bunnyfingers, who is a french bootleg James Bond.

Wanna get your party drawn in this style?

was really happy with this drawing of Mask from my current game, but her player didnt like the outfit so I'm gonna redraw it.

we met a troll who looked like "the world champion of hugging" yesterday in

she lives in the middle of Amazonia and does weird interdimensional magic

pls look at this robot friend. They are getting ready for summer ✌️✌️
Their name is Phyllis and they arean agender robot who loves sunshine and solarpunk.

Wanted to draw my decker/rigger Hothead with his drone buddy Konken.
Wanna get your adventurer drawn in this style? Check out my commissions:

Some more characters from the game Im in. If you're interested; I'm currently taking commissions for RPG characters and adventure parties:

Some drawings from the game I am in these days ^^

Posting some art what I made this year to fill this gallery till I find time to make new stuff ✌️

sup nerds, gonna figure this site out after work. Have some tunes.