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I'm opening up commissions again! I'm accepting them untill my que fills up, and will get to work right after christmas since there is a lot of work helping family get set for the holidays and its my first christmas I'm not away at work for the last 3 years.

I will also open up some New Years Eve themed YCHs on the 25th, that will get priority so I can finish them in time for the big day.

I managed to hit 300 followers on Twitter, so I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate! One participant has a chance to win a a Refsheet Commission ( ) for free!

Instructions on how to enter can be found over HERE ( )!

a naked cyborg cat checking himself out, he's designed without lewd bits cus he just didnt feel like having them =w=/ 

Commission for Dotdotdotdotx4's VILLAIN oc. Having fun being a Bad Maffioso hulk of a woman.

Check out my Sketchpage Commissions:

A cute bird person enjoying abig bottle of non alcoholic champagne 

Finished the updated Reference Sheet for Phyllis!

Phyllis was built to be a waiter-bot in a big cyberpunk city, but they managed to work up enough funds to buy off their contract, and a lil house in the country where they have moved to live their solarpunk dreams. They've had some bodywork done since then to feel more like Themself and not just a product.

Happy with how this turned out...a character that's been in the works for months now


i saw this amazing anti-suffragette postcard and simply had to redraw it 🙊


Im able to take ONE more of these before I need to close them so I can focus on finishing them in time <3

Well I just bought a pin from Strange Ways and a patch from Jen Bartel :heart_trans:

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