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I'm opening up commissions again! I'm accepting them untill my que fills up, and will get to work right after christmas since there is a lot of work helping family get set for the holidays and its my first christmas I'm not away at work for the last 3 years.

I will also open up some New Years Eve themed YCHs on the 25th, that will get priority so I can finish them in time for the big day.

a fat bautiful cinderace girl in a bunnygirl outfit, she is winking and got a bit of cleavage on display. Its saucy, but not all too indecent. 

Commission for b0undarybreaker of their fursona Mira, a deer eared cinderace.

Fursona, NSFW pictures, hypnosis 

I just realized I hadn't posted my fursona here yet, so here she is!~ Her name's Mira, and she's a Cinderace with deer ears ^.^ First three pictures are by @CaptainBragd and the last is by

a refsheet of a redheaded crocodile enby in yellow underwear, with chibis of them in various outfits. 

Refsheet for Anna of their fursona.

Really liked working on this adorable croc enby uvu

a fat cyborg lynx man is standing in a light, abstract cybernetics station, mechanical arms adjusting his body as he turns and checks himself out. he is nude, but have no naughty bits. He is happy and excited in his new body. 

Commission for Lardclaw, of their oc Niveus checking out his newly upgraded cyberbod

a green skinned, chubby plant man with a leafy beard standing in a field of purple lupines, his arms filled with a bouquet of them 

Art trade with princeslimey. A precious flower prince picking flowers.

Sketchpage for Ganshea over on twitter. His sona dating gordie from pokemon Sword.

a cute lady with a flower for a face 

Commission for Anonymous of their OC

A commission for Lottie Dottie of its character Ptarmigan from a novel it're working on!

a chubby cute lady in her underwear, there is a picture of a syringe in her dislikes 

Given the girl a propper refsheet finally uwu I love this round solarpunk lady.

I've been diffrenating between being too sick to focus or working too much, so I am sorry things have been quiet. People who follow my twitter might have seen that I've had some money problems lately with a surprise fine for failing to renew my car insurance on time, but recent commissions have helped me pay it off.

I really appreciate all my clients for the help, I've met the funds needed for the fine and just need to keep my nose to the grindstone and finish things up for now.

birdsite link, signal boost urgently needed

Two of my girlfriends are this close to losing their home. Please, if anyone can help out - financially, by opening their home nearby, or anything else - do so. I love them so, so much.

Sorry to be @'ing everyone, but I really need to get the word out.

#TransCrowdFund #signalboost

@kropotkhristian @STMSysten

I managed to hit 300 followers on Twitter, so I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate! One participant has a chance to win a a Refsheet Commission ( ) for free!

Instructions on how to enter can be found over HERE ( )!

a naked cyborg cat checking himself out, he's designed without lewd bits cus he just didnt feel like having them =w=/ 

Commission for Yelmora Lardclaws handsome lynxboy checking out his new 'ware.

Cyberfurries is a MOOD =w=/

Commissions are open:

Commission for Dotdotdotdotx4's VILLAIN oc. Having fun being a Bad Maffioso hulk of a woman.

Check out my Sketchpage Commissions:

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