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Ok time for !

I'm Calluna, a biology major uni student and hobbyist artist from Finland~ 🌸

For years my main focus was , but lately I've fallen for ARPGs on deviantart. I occasionally draw for my latest obsessions in manga/anime/games. I work with and both.

Always interested in content about:
🌺 Persona 3 & 4
🌺 Fullmetal Alchemist
🌺 Arina Tanemura's works
🌺 Portal
🌺 Team Fortress 2
🌺 Older gen Pokemon
🌺 Dragons (and other mythical creatures)

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In Finnish folklore, näkki is often portrayed as a malicious water spirit who lures unsuspecting humans to the water’s edge to drown them. Sometimes taking the appearance of a beautiful youth, a watery death awaits those who let themselves be fooled by their appearance.

My piece for a friend's mythology zine! I picked näkki because it’s one of my fave Finnish folklore/mythology characters

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I LOVE creating patterns. Taking small sketches and create something more complex...

So I thought I show some of my patterns to you 😊

# watercolor

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Flight Rising Fanart for Astarael! This was a contest prize of a scene featuring up to three dragons. The prompt featured two dragons who regularly scoop up orphan hatchlings and give them a family.

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I see mastodon art has gotten some updates while I've been away, that's really cool! :D

Whoop who has been lazy with uploads? Yeah me alright. But fret not, I bring goods! Copic colours August and June!

I did a full A4 with 3 markers for of March~
A nice challenge overall, made me focus more on the textures instead of choosing colours. Ofc it's a , because that's my go-to spontaneous subject lol

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