@Cakechoz Noisy, busy scenery is very hard for me. I can break it down to the architectural elements, but then I have to add the random, more organic parts, and that's where I mess up.

@ejbarnescomix I'm more comfortable with drawing random parts and organic elements. Drawing sceneries has always been hard for me, especially ones with multiple vanishing points, that's one of my biggest weaknesses

@Cakechoz Funny how we find different parts easier! The vanishing points I can get through with brute force, but making organic structures look randomly distributed is something I have a hard time getting a handle on, because there’s so much of it and no overall structure I can use as a guideline.

@Cakechoz very neat, but that first building looks like it's on fire... am i seeing this wrong?

@capngloval omg it DOES look like it's on fire 😂 it's supposed to be trees and foliage all over the city ahah

@Cakechoz well it's still excellent artwork. Here I was thinking you were thinking of an old rock song, "we didn't start the fire".. 😆

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