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✨ New commission sheet!✨

If you're interested, you can send me an email ( or DM me 😁

Additional character is 50% of base price

Latest Commission Batch !

If you're interested in a waist-up drawing of your original character (or fanart of smth), check out my info:

They're between €35 and €45 depending on detail/complexity !


Felt like drawing a little tree house shop for funsies 🌳 🐥 🍄 🍀

I did another traditional art project recently! Hugin and Mugin, Odin's crows!

I got them printed in both gold AND silver varieties! Both look super rad! You can buy them off of my etsy!

some art I managed to work on these past weeks. Things are getting busy again and I'm just so tired but we need to keep the positivity going. I hope you're all doing good

Have a doodle of Falgyrac's skeleton that I had been working on as of late.

Her bones are metallic and quite dense. Much like some dinosaurs and animals like armadillos, the plating on her back is part of her skeleton, floating above the spine.

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