sometimes u just gotta Aknowledge and Embrace the mistakes in ur art and go with the flow even if u know it won't end up being perfect

I can finally show you the album artwork that I made for the exquisite heavy metal band Kairos from Sweden.
Really enjoying their music. Check out "Queen of the Hill" on Spotify: #art #illustration #mastoart

i always get super lazy if i let myself relax and take a break from work

AAAAAAH I've been buried under so much work these past weeks I forgot to post this D:

Here's my piece for the BNHA/MCU Alliance Zine

( )

The irony of finding this frustrated doodle amidst all my SAI2 files is Not Lost On Me

Green Valley probably wouldn't arrest their guests... but they probably just arrested their guest

♛ Read today's update now at:

#webcomics #comics #vaincomic #hiveworks #update

This is so lovely! My #FFXIV guy, Camille Delane, by @Cakechoz.

My brain is basically a giant keysmash right now.

:blobheart: :blobhearteyes: :blobheart:

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