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The irony of finding this frustrated doodle amidst all my SAI2 files is Not Lost On Me

Green Valley probably wouldn't arrest their guests... but they probably just arrested their guest

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This is so lovely! My #FFXIV guy, Camille Delane, by @Cakechoz.

My brain is basically a giant keysmash right now.

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I think this is going to sound weird but does anyone else get that sensation when you look at something in the night sky and focus on the depth perception and realize on a fundamental level that you're looking at something really really far and really really big

my deep dark secret is that I just wanna be really good at singing and dancing but lack the time, energy, or skill to do either of those things so I gotta project it onto my Ocs....

When I look at you there is tenderness in my throat like a garrote
the heart’s equivalent of skeevy street smack;
mixed in with a good dose of dishwashing powder, or maybe just asbestos -
It's one part neuron crackling, pulse-surging excitement, double distilled
and three parts medical grade longing,
potent as a shot to the heart.

Chapter 7's cover is up!! It looks like something worked, but not the way our protagonists hoped they would...

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