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✨ New commission sheet!✨

If you're interested, you can send me an email ( or DM me 😁

Additional character is 50% of base price

and then my brain said: sadu dotharl with longer hair
and then i blacked out and woke up to this
i hope you all enjoy

patron requests from june and april.

had fun drawing Shinobu! kny was so short that i feel i didn’t have enough time to become really invested in the characters even though i really enjoyed it! i feel like i was on the cusp of becoming immersed (necessary for me to want to draw fanart) and just like that i was thrown into the final arc. or maybe it’s just that my single komubak brain cell just doesn’t have the energy to draw anything else these days lmao

#art #mastoart #kny #fanart #fireemblem

I've been playing a lot of #Hades. Love you Supergiant Games

here's some warm up doodles of my fave emotionally responsible pan poly icon and his dog

#creativetoots #mastoart #fanart

well, this was my once in many months appearance xD time to disappear again lol

Yes, I think I'm ready to share this with non-followers too (sorry for the repost, followers).

This is #Freya from #FinalFantasyIX, performing her dragoon jump as seen by her enemies!

I commissioned this from @Cakechoz. I lightly edited the work to give it a background.

I love Sandrine's work! Give her a follow or go look at her other stuff:

Latest Commission Batch !

If you're interested in a waist-up drawing of your original character (or fanart of smth), check out my info:

They're between €35 and €45 depending on detail/complexity !


Felt like drawing a little tree house shop for funsies 🌳 🐥 🍄 🍀

I did another traditional art project recently! Hugin and Mugin, Odin's crows!

I got them printed in both gold AND silver varieties! Both look super rad! You can buy them off of my etsy!

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