Decided I’ll be a little more open to sharing stuff for future comic projects just on mastodon every once in a while. I get so involved w current ones that I don’t have a lot outside of that to share, so this will help me a little more.

So enjoy a boy! While he doesn’t in the current comic, he DOES eventually get happy and healthy in another one i have planned. Feat. awkward what am i supposed to be doing rn teeth.

@CBWebb oh my lorddddd, is this noah??? filled out and happy??? with a salt and pepper beard?!?! i'm dying :blobhearteyesa:

@extinct VERY MUCH SO!! He gets so dang cute much much later and tbh it’s probably a sin that he doesn’t look this way for always!!! Main thing that keeps me excited for the comic I wanna do after blanco tbh

@CBWebb i love him in all his phases. i'm glad to see, someday, he manages to find some happiness and health :blacker_heart:

@extinct EVENTUALLY! I’m sure when I finally get to the point of being able to work with him consistently like that I will be like “I miss him sick and sad” because I love all of his phases too 😭

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