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Hi! I'm CB! I like to draw and paint. I also make a webcomic called Blanco. You can read it here:

You can also find me elsewhere at the following places:
🌻 Insta:
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🌻 Gumroad:

Thanks for checking out my work! I post lots of sketches and process posts here, with occasional comic updates. Enjoy, and cheers!

Drawing some birds for blanco panels today. Ready to drop them into their proper pages when I get hoooome

@CBWebb yes I am playing as my dog except he talks and has a job

I’m playing DnD for the first time tomorrow night and I’m gonna be a talking bounty hunting long haired chihuahua what’s up

Decided I’ll be a little more open to sharing stuff for future comic projects just on mastodon every once in a while. I get so involved w current ones that I don’t have a lot outside of that to share, so this will help me a little more.

So enjoy a boy! While he doesn’t in the current comic, he DOES eventually get happy and healthy in another one i have planned. Feat. awkward what am i supposed to be doing rn teeth.

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Obelisk updated with 3 new pages for Patrons last week!

Main site will update with the full end of the chapter in the coming weeks~

#mastoart #creativetoots #obeliskcomic #illustration #comics #webcomics

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Ink sketch in my sketchy book. Gonna maybe put some gouache over it later this week and see how it goes. The inks are suuuuper water soluble, so it might be fun :3

Pen doodle in the trash sketchbook. Playing with fountain pens a lot lately! Tonight’s is a TWSBI Eco. Ink is pilot iroshizuku in the shade kiri-same

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fanart of noah from blanco, by @CBWebb

i've wanted to draw him forever; his design is so unique in an understated, realistic way and he was so much fun to render

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hey @CBWebb

noah smokes, right? i saw a drawing of him with a cigarette before (i think) but wanted to check before i get further into this doodle

And, we done. A surprisingly capable paper! No plan and intended to make a muddy mess. The first page of any new sketchbook is always me just throwing everything I can at it, and layering and scrubbing. It held up, and didn’t lift when I layered— a preference that is surprisingly hard to find in more cost efficient papers. I’m gonna enjoy keeping this one!

I’ve been quiet online lately since things are a little rough. Here’s a little doodle though, and hopefully I’ll be back around everywhere pretty soon 💖

CUBONE!!!! One of my very favorite pokies! I was trying to get some excess ink off of my brushpen without wasting it (it didn’t work, the thing is still spitting out a mess and getting everywhere), but I thought it came out cute regardless!

Super quick and rough sketch video that I forgot to post here? Somehow? On mastodon where i usually prioritize my art posts? I’m sorry masto, I love you and will be better!

I started this one sometime last week to try a little coloring technique that i recently kind of figured out! Excited to finish the sketch up and start. I’m gonna make it very YELLOW bc that’s my favorite color 😍

I do hope that if anyone ever sees something they don’t like from me on here that they will let me know so we can talk it out. I do my best to CW and have zero issue with deleting posts to make that correction and am always open to criticism, so please don’t hesitate! I mess up sometimes and do try really hard to mess up less.

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A friendly reminder that if you could see yourself enjoying a small comics/narrative art-focused social community like, feel free to send me a DM and I can set you up with an invite!

Open to any creative people who like good stories and who are kind, supportive, inclusive, and good beans all around. Come join us at Camp!

🌲 ⛺ 💚🏔️ 🌌

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Where the leggy sketch from yesterday ended up! Having a lot of fun with it, tbh. I wanna try paintin’ it up like a lil Leyendecker or Rockwell tomorrow :3

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