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Hi! I'm CB! I like to draw and paint. I also make a webcomic called Blanco. You can read it here:

You can also find me elsewhere at the following places:
🌻 Insta:
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🌻 Gumroad:

Thanks for checking out my work! I post lots of sketches and process posts here, with occasional comic updates. Enjoy, and cheers!

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Just realised I never posted my Kickstarter draft here:
I submitted it for a review late in the week so it got stuck there for the whole weekend but fingers crossed i'll get a response tomorrow! Can't want to launch it. I might tweak rewards a little.

Sketch update. Chipped away at this between commission pauses today when I was waiting for paint layers to dry. Gonna finish it up tomorrow and play with some digital colors and detailing, I think!

Thanks all who have still been keeping tabs on this account even though I’ve been quiet lately! I’ve been busy finishing roughs for the rest of the book (343 out of 460 pages x_x), so I’ve been pretty quiet EVERYWHERE the last couple of months! Will be done as of this week though, so I’m super excited, AND Chapter 6 finally started on the site! Link is in my profile and I’m so stoked to be done with ch 5 at last 😭💖

Sketchin the boy for the new comic I’m writing tonight!

Rough WIP. Takin the day off from comic work to draw Cute Stuff (tm).

Long time no see! I’ve been busy with comic work, as usual, and am FINALLY winding down for a month or two. Start of that is blockin in a little de-stress digital painting that I can chip away at this week.

The whole sheet, bc why not. Slowly I will refine them all. It’s my tiny reward for finishing comic pages this week.

WIP, trying a new paper that does not suit my painting style at all, so I’m LEARNING SOMETHING but golly gee I have REGRETS. A couple other little process shots. The furthest along is only wash two or so 😪

I’ve been down w the flu but still getting pages done and i updated my comic today and this is a quieter scene but it’s one I’ve been excited to get to bc we finally learn more about Harlow and writing her makes me happy

(Here’s the link if you wanna read the rest of the comic so far but if not that’s ok too I just like my comic a lot it’s fun for me to make

Shhhhh deleted to repost bc I forgot his gray and his tattoos, a True Sin. Letting myself draw him for the future comic idea I have that i want to start writing in July every time I finish a page batch for Blanco. It’s my motivational incentive.

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Wow did I somehow drop and swap 80 wrong words in this post haha we can tell my brain is still in recovery mode from nonstop workin this past week

@CBWebb the archive update wasn’t focus on redraws, a lot of it was dialogue pages and adding new content alongside the old. But I did choose two pages to redraw, if which was one. More fun was that I wasn’t looking to improve art at all, I just wanted to relay the impact and power that I originally wanted and failed in the original. So it was kind of a nice surprise that I ended up w something I liked more on a technical level, and not just visually, as well, because I didn’t expect it!

I just realized I forgot to post the final result here! The archive for Blanco is officially updated, and now I’m back on track working on finishing the rest of the story. I’m very imprecious with my work and don’t often have a gauge for comparison, and tend to think I’m simply not improving bc I don’t have something to look back at, so this was neat for me to see. I remembered really struggling with this page at the time. So here’s the new one done this week, vs the old one from 2017.

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My Kickstarter has less than 70 hours left to make goal!

Either way I'm probably sleeping for 2 weeks after this hell month

WIP of a couple panels from the last page that will be added to the archive tomorrow.

WIP of one of only two pages I allowed myself to outright redraw for Blanco’s archive update. Inks of the first two panels vs the old ones they are replacing (there’s a third, just still inking it, haha). Super excited to finally replace it tonight :3

BLANCO IS BACK at IM VERY EXCITED!!! One new page today, and then I’m updating the archive w about 20 new pages and some revamped dialogue tomorrow night. So excited to be posting again 😭💖

Won’t make a habit of making this my comic update space, as usual, I just like to share when it’s been a while, esp after a long hiatus 😪

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