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Hi! I'm CB! I like to draw and paint. I also make a webcomic called Blanco. You can read it here:

You can also find me elsewhere at the following places:
🌻 Insta:
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🌻 Gumroad:

Thanks for checking out my work! I post lots of sketches and process posts here, with occasional comic updates. Enjoy, and cheers!

Resolved the lines on that sketch and did a quick and mega sloppy color comp. gonna try and watercolor it come November!

Put this on Twitter but I figure i should put it here and on Instagram too, but i made a curiouscat! I thought it might be nice to have for its anon function, should anyone have a question but has refrained from asking due to being a bit shy 💖

This morning’s sketch. I just wanted to draw something kind. I’ll be finishing this one somehow, i just don’t know yet if I want to keep it digital or move it over to a traditional medium.

Posted this to the wrong account by mistake (sorry to those who follow me on both), but here's a little Mateo sketch from this morning. It's been a bit since I've drawn him and I missed him!

A sketch head commission of Ursula! I think this is the first Disney character I’ve ever drawn? And I couldn’t have had a better one chosen to do!

Still busy making comic work through October, so it’s a few weeks away from sharing sketch work. I hope you all don’t mind my sharing updates here and there if it’s one I’m real proud of. Today’s was one of them! You can read Blanco at if it suits your interest!

And now back to my comics desk >_<

And with yesterday’s news, Blanco is officially back to updating at! As usual, I won’t use this space to promote my comic every week, but I figure this one is appropriate since HIATUS IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

"Finally" I hardly had to sit on this one but listen, a short time can feel like AGES when this is the kind of announcement that you're waiting to share ❤️

I FINALLY get to share that the complete collection of Blanco will be published by Iron Circus Comics (they announced today on twitter!). I'm so excited, and it comes at the perfect time as Blanco resumes updates tomorrow at noon. I'll still be sharing and posting it every Friday as I work on finishing the book ❤️

@CBWebb I still like this and I’m excited to work on it again soon 😤

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Hi I make a webcomic and it updated today, and I like today's page so I figured I'd share it here

You can check out the comic on the main site here! ⚡️

Masking fluid mega tore the paper on this one, so time to go in and fix everything with gouache/play and throw everything at it, and see what happens!

I won’t be sharing the process posts of this one until it’s done since I don’t want folks to be sick of it by the time it’s done, but it’s at a shareable stage now, so I figured I’d share ONE progress shot of it! I’m filming this one, so all WIP updates will be in the video anyway :3

Quick little watercolor study of one of my little gremlins

More progress, and finally a photo in actual daylight!

Today’s progress. Still just the watercolors, haven’t made it to another medium quite yet!

@CBWebb So pretty i just wanna punch him in the tiddy

I usually delete these ones bc he NEVER looks like this in Blanco and the thing where he does look like this is so far off from being made that it feels like I’m lying to everyone but he’s so pretty that sometimes I can’t help it????

@CBWebb also shoot that was longer than I thought it would be. Sorry y’all, I’ll be more careful and CW if I write that much again next time!

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