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help us test soft launch of our new collective stream for soulful house, elcectic vibes and social conscious


live on-air now right now for the next 2 hours the WEEKEND WORKOUT with LABR collaborator and dj, Brother Soul

soulful house, house, vibe, funky, throwback

#mastomusic #nowplaying #radio #housemusic

oh for crying our loud. holiday season jog on pls. i accidently put a gluten free mini fruit mince pie bikkie thing in my mouth.

I'm no sommelier but the crust hit like toasty sand and the filling was not at all velvety, a bit barnyard and had aftertones of gym sock.

stink stank stunk!


give it a go it actually feels better

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honestly theyre arguing about which is a better guild name: Super High Intensity Team or Official Guy Fieri Fan Club


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