Omega, a sinister corporate leader. He holds vast amount of power over a large part of the city and underworld that no law is able to touch him. He takes whatever he sees as a puppetry. Wherever there is chaos, Omega will surely be at the center.

High-profile fashionista Danielle. Very interdependent and even with her job taking most of her time, she still somehow manages to find time to go to common malls to shop for new clothes. One rarely sees her wearing the same outfit. She also became smitten with a certain starcat.

This is Vahan Swift, an agent fox spy who is accidentally tasked to track down Nekostar and bring the star cat for protection. He always try his best to accomplish his missions even when it doesn't go as planned.

Introducing Serene! She's an artist with a quirky desire for the existence of aliens. Also a childhood friend of Dexter.

Dexter the Beagle dog! Coffee-lover and an all round nice guy! Also Nekostar's father figure.

Updated Character Design Portfolio of Nekostar! (Any critiques are welcome)

Nekostar character design sheet. It's for portfolio purposes. 2nd page was my random doodles I doodled on my book before I get to the current Nekostar that I chose to clarify them.

This may seem a bit weird but I cannot seem to upload .png files? I got .jpg files fine it seems

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