Nekostar character design sheet. It's for portfolio purposes. 2nd page was my random doodles I doodled on my book before I get to the current Nekostar that I chose to clarify them.

This may seem a bit weird but I cannot seem to upload .png files? I got .jpg files fine it seems

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Isabelle! I am glad they put her in. Hope you'll cheer her on!

I wanna... upload something but it says "400 bad request" ??

VEIL NEBULA, the Portal Starborn. Her claws and hoodie are a part of her and she has the ability to open portals to go back to places she has visited.

Elora from Spyro! Had a lot of fun coloring this and hope the game comes out on Switch~

I couldn't finish her today so might as well give everyone a wip of her so far. Will try to finish her in a couple of days depends on how busy I am.

Mastodon has been a hella nice change of pace from the usual twitter/tumblr kind of deal. Both got their ups and downs. But Mastodon is a really nice place so far

I think Im getting the hang of mastodon now, not completely but slowly

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First artpost! Not a recent work, but it's one of my most proudest work! A character of mine, a mascot in a way: Nekostar, the Starborn Feline.

Hello! A new Mastodon user, I have no idea how this place works (yet) But Im here to stay! Howdy! I like to draw space animals and animal characters. I'll post my most recent work here soon!


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