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I'm KC! A Platypineapperson who draws things.
Open for requests and commissions, just DM me.

Art Account 🎨 @BrushBandit
Personal/Main 🍍 @BrushBandit
Tip Jar: β˜•
Streaming :twitch:

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Moving over from @BrushBanditArts on twitter.
gonna post older stuff and fix up my profile in the coming days.

UPDATE! another bit. I have no idea how to letter it right now but THIS PART IS ONE OF THE IDEAS THAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT SINCE THE BEGINNING

"happily ever after
below the waist"
... the original line is kinda suggestive but i was like. I'm going to FLIP IT and make people CRY

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what's a little sport rivalry between girls? between gamers?
(@kate is standing on a box here, obviously. because @junebug is the tallestℒ️ )

some scribbles of our favorite fanfic selfinsert authors and artists

, is there I guess but in the way that it's

scribbles in various shades πŸ‘οΈ Local Bookworm desires POWER to attain FRIENDSHIP and WILL Go Mad in the process

edgelord of my heart in the ServantFes event.... Manga is her passion! she's still learning german, though. LETTUCE means NEVER GIVE UP. ilu.

Gdi I forgot to put my @ on the post version
Anyway pls no repost without credit. U know. The usual.

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lumity GROMQUEEN animatic #WIP....
...and back at it again with the meme chibi placeholders too :P

VAMPYRA VON MORTEM, aka PYRA aka omg i love Dia's and Camp 51 SO MUCH and..... Pyra pls, you're so goth and pointy that ur hair is poking through ur umbrella. amazing. ilu.

turns up to FASHIONA8LY L8

...I might make more stickers in the future? so. ::::) comment if u would be interested or something.

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