Le new release is out!
It is a "kinda prog rock oriented" 4-track EP called "Black Sands".

As per usual, you can check it out on my bandcamp:

This amazing album art was very kindly made by @robin (thank you so much, once again)!

I hope you enjoy and have a nice day ✨

And as promised, here's some new music for this Bandcamp Friday!
This one's a 6-track EP called "Coffee Lake"

Here is link ✨ brimid.bandcamp.com/album/coff

Thank you to @Mirima for making this weird original drawing of mine into an infinitely better cover art^^

New stuff for Bandcamp Friday (March 5th) :]

In the meantime: have a cover art teaser just 'cause I think this part looks really cool (made by @Mirima )

So basically, I got this for christmas and I finally got to try and figure it out lmao

I feel very out of my element 'cause I've literally never touched anything modular (even semi-modular like that thing) but I've watched a couple of tutorials and it's already a lot of fun to just... plug patch cables in at random and see if it does anything lmao

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Aaaaaand there we go: my 10th release and 4th album, IGOJIN, is finally out! It's 8 tracks of my takes on the synthwave/darksynth genre and it even has a whole story behind it

As per usual, you can check it out here on my bandcamp: brimid.bandcamp.com/album/-

Thank you so much again, @kaerhon for this great cover art! And here's to 2021 being a year where I release more music than I did last one lmao

I hope you like it and ✨ have a nice one, folks ✨

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