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I have to open the sliding door but leave the screen shut so he can tell it's raining and he can remember he doesn't like the rain.

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Help. My cat is so dumb.
He wanted to come in because it was raining. Then 5 minutes later he forgot and wanted to go back outside again. He keeps doing this.

Omg. Not only is my begonia flowering, BUT MY CYCLAMEN IS PUTTING UP FLOWERS AGAIN! :V

I originally bought it flowering in March (see 3rd pic)

*jolts up out of my chair*

OH YEAH, did you know my webcomic updated last night? πŸ‘€

Latest Witch of Dezina:

I'm really loving the indigo & magenta color scheme of Fantastic Frights.

Great choice for a horror anthology!

Good news is: I'm polishing up a new Witch of Dezina page as we speak!

Bad news is: 🀣

Bought a Venus Flytrap on a lark, hoping it might help with the gnats flying around our kitchen and bathroom. Excited to see it's actually catching stuff!

If it ever seems like I make zero art (which it definitely feels like to me sometimes), it's probably because I sketch on sticky notes, never post them, and sometimes throw them away immediately after. πŸ™ƒ

(Actually, I'd say the majority of my art never sees the internet)

Aaaah, man I've got this cool idea I'm working on for my comic and I wanna talk about it but it's potentially a lot of words and I'm worried it's too niche for the social medias....

Oh I'm an idiot. This is literally what I made my Patreon for. :V

Also my begonia is starting to flower! 😍

My cat tried to eat you, but you persisted!

Been working on the comic script the last couple weeks and let me tell ya. As a person who instinctively tries to edit while I'm writing, finally allowing myself to go back and edit is like

Nothing like going to your own comic's cast page to figure out what your character's last name is.

There's this enigma of a store by my house whose sign just says ROOT BEER. They boast 100+ brands of root beer. I guess it's a root beer store.

By today I drove past and they had a sign out for their new special: gourmet hotdog, root beer float, and chips for $5.99 πŸ€”

What a time to be alive. Really curious about this gourmet hot dog.

Me: writes a trip where my characters take a river ferry inland for a hike into the mountains, where they currently are.

Also me: I wish they were on a boat again. Like a little canoe on a river. πŸ˜”

I love keeping plants with grow lights indoors. It makes me feel like a wizard. Like I'm on a spaceship building a self sustaining microbiome.

Trying really hard to watch Magic Knights Rayearth to take notes on the the magical girl elements but.. like... It's so dumb.

I keep trying to reframe it as a fantasy Isekai version of Sailor Moon, but it's just not working for me. :/

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