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*eyes snap open* There's a new Witch of Dezina page up! πŸ‘€

In which Lyson clarifies a common misconception.


Got a fancy new blender.
Wanted to make salsa with it.
The recipe had me roast the tomatoes. Cool.
The blender pureed the fuck out of it.
I now have tomato soup. πŸ™ƒ

Can you imagine being so blessed as to have your OC on a package of cheese rings?

My cat got startled while walking and just his back legs hopped up while his front paws stayed on the ground. I guess cats have like rear wheel drive for jumping.

Thinking about my last 2-3 pages and I'm feeling kinda iffy about them. That's partially because I'm operating with 0 buffer, so I don't have time to sit on them before posting. But now I'm wondering what I could be doing differently in them.

Maybe more closeups? I do tend to use medium shots too much.

Maybe more dynamic camera angles? More moody backgrounds? πŸ€”

Heyyy. Guess who's updated her comic earlier this week and forgot to tell people about it? πŸ‘€ (It's me)

ANyWaYS, there's a new page of Witch of Dezina, if you're interested!
In which Lyson.. avoids answering hard questions. πŸ˜…


I recently read an article written by/for female weightlifters that said, "This will sound obvious, but.. you can (and should) lift heavier every session. Your body can do it. That's how muscles work."

And... it feels like such a life hack?? And again-- should be obvious!

But somehow it never occurred to me that if I just do *more* pushups/squats/etc each time I exercise... then I will be capable of doing more, which means I'm quantifiably stronger. :0

My bank has an article called "Planning around Financial Uncertainty" that I clicked on a whim and. Oh my god. It was like:

"Are you dealing with job loss, illness, or economic recession?

1) stop buying coffee
2) stop impulse buying
3) pay your debts

Hope this helps!"

@BotanicaMachina I tried "True Plantser" at first but making an outline as a starting point, but I didn't have good enough idea of where I was going yet so I just hated the outline and basically trashed it.

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- have an idea of the plot
- think of random disjointed scenes
- only write a fraction of them down πŸ˜…
- figure out what the plot threads are based on the random scenes I have floating around in my head
- eventually compile them all into a frankenscript

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Imagining this dude running up to people's scented candles and blowing them out, shouting about how the latest technology is LED BULBS!!!

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Since I've started doing some reading on game development, I've been finding some of the dumbest takes.
I think my favorite dumb take to read has been "Pixel art is a relic of the past, a product of limitations, and therefore everyone should stop doing it."

Like, dude, WTF πŸ˜‚

@BotanicaMachina I'm still on the fence as to whether Ellie should *really* be surprised that witches were responsible for making a soul sucking humanoid creature. But honestly, I think she's more personally offended that it attacked her.

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Last night I was running out of disk space for my Surface (it's a wimpy baby). But I've got an external hard drive so I was migrating the less relevant files away to that.

But while I was going through, I found a folder if old music from my pre-streaming era. πŸ‘€

There were some songs I don't quite remember so I looked them up on Spotify and added them to my library. Now I'm prepared for a blast from the past listening experience.

This lockdown has given me the *strangest* associative memories from at-home multitasking.

The smell of whiskey makes me think of Digimon.

The smell of fried shallots makes me think of Space Balls.

And now working on a certain code base makes me think of Space Patrol Luluco.

Mmm. First day back to work. Love how I managed to go to sleep at a reasonable time, only to randomly wake up at 3am and fail to fall back asleep for 3 hours.

Mm... Yes. Love feeling like shit at work in the morning. πŸ™ƒ

Late night funnies. I was planning out some witch encounters for my comic and my brain impulsively made Pokedex entries for them.

I kept trying to push the thought away because it made no sense in story, but as I typed the sounds of "who's that Pokemon??" filled my head.

The moral of this story is that at some point I'll make some goofy fake Pokedex entries for the wild witches we encounter in my comic because the more I think about it, the more they feel like Pokemon and I can't un-see it. πŸ˜‚

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