Hello everyonne! sorry ive been so quiet! \o/ Holidays! have a
FFTactics Mime x Lapis Lazuli

Hey , I have a discord server for general socialness. Whether you draw or craft or write music, subjects PG to adult, or maybe you just have some hobbies to talk about... all are invited.

My friend and I have done our best to make our rules consistent/clear, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me!


Lifestuff/Period mention 

Havent posted on mastodon in like a week. Been doing work stuff and just aaaaaa.

Also trying out Paintstorm Studio. Its $10 atm :U

Hello! I'm opening commissions for a bit so I can get my car fixed! I really really need it right now as I'm looking to get a job elsewhere since the environment has become quite abusive toward me and my manager(we're only a team of two).

Right now, I'm underpaid and overworked as an accountant and it has been taking a toll on my mental health these last few months. I'll be offering limited slots for now. It will be $25 for avatars and $75 for waist up shots. Full resolution, and you also receive a transparent file.

If you're interested, please let me know, otherwise, here's the link: goo.gl/forms/qwULOifjx29G7YZs2

mastodon.art/media/sbQOs33y-D2 mastodon.art/media/fDc_VVYWSLO mastodon.art/media/MQ-irN3nHf8 mastodon.art/media/7hjR680bVU9

Oh no!! One sad thing... but two happy things! 

Basic atm because I dont have a lot of furniture elsewhere ( I want a traditional art + craft making station), but YUH. Close up of my aesthetic window too~

Some from tonight! Wrote the names of the owners below/next to the characters. It was such a lovely experience!

I'll make a stream link here next time I'm doing them if anyone is interested ;u;

There are now just over 3,000 users on the mastadon.art instance. If just 1/3rd of us donated $1 a month it would make a huge difference in hosting support. Right now there are only 16. Let's do this!

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