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Hi! My name is Jay Holloway, and I am a freelance illustrator with a love for landscapes and monsters. Just as a heads up, some of my illustrations may contain horror/surreal elements, and body horror.

Twitter/Tumblr/IG: bonesnail
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Was experimenting with fire/glowing and it kinda ended up a bust. I definitely want to do a big piece of this in the future!

I’ve been starting all my most recent watercolors with a super wet wash. I feel like it lays a great foundation!

Here’s something I learned about painting plants: it’s extremely uncommon for plants to have no warm undertones, so adding little bits of reds, browns, or purples makes them look much more realistic!

Watercolor noodling. Cascade Green is a really fun color since it separates on wet surfaces!

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I have some Copic markers that I haven’t really used and are in excellent condition; would anyone be interested in a trade/sell? I’ll especially be interested if you have a couple tubes of Daniel Smith watercolors.

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What if there was an alien world, "singing" strange hymns as petals danced across the clouds, while vicious hunters dove with angelic grace? Contributors @Bonesnail & take us to a world that echoes the heavens in more ways than one.

Looking for resources for understanding how light and color work? Color and Light by James Gurney is one of the most thorough and informative books I find myself coming back to. Absolutely worth checking out!

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WOAH!!! I've hit 500 Followers?!?

Thank you so much, everyone! Your support of my art has inspired me to keep creating and improving my craft! And you've made Mastodon and its related instances worth it! Let's keep creating a wonderful community!

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