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Jay H. Holloway @Bonesnail@mastodon.art

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Hi! My name is Jay Holloway, and I am a freelance illustrator with a love for landscapes and monsters. Just as a heads up, some of my illustrations may contain horror/surreal elements, and body horror.

Portfolio: bonesnail.com
Twitter/Tumblr/IG: bonesnail
Support Me: ko-fi.com/bonesnail


Commissions will be closed until 5/1 after which I will be taking another batch with the updated prices shown below! I will be open for character icons, small and full illustrations, and custom projects!

Quarter-Page commission for my longtime friend Lillian! She's parkouring to Blockbuster to snatch up all the COUNTER/weight DVDs.

RPG Character portrait for Tooie of their tiefling, HOTPOCKETS! I may have listened to a ton of Ronnie James Dio while drawing this. Also playing with a new way to crop the portraits so that they are transparent! What do you think?

Commission for a client of his character out on a morning hike! Drawing this made me excited for backpacking this summer.

Remember the mix-and-match taur magnets I sketched out? I've really fallen in love with this idea and researching into making it A Thing. Not sure of a timeframe yet but I wanna share! #mastoart #art #taur #centaur

A series of 10 Werefolks I was commissioned to design for an upcoming 5e splatbook! My personal favorite is the were-octopus.

Sketch based off of a Tumblr prompt where you combine your astrology and Chinese zodiac signs.

RPG Character Portrait Commissions for Kameryn! I'm starting to enjoy drawing humanoid characters more and more! mastodon.art/media/UnwAGqCHbj1

RPG Character Portrait Commission of the very tired Tinulothel for CyberbotX! I love her color scheme! mastodon.art/media/0X-saA0LFEn

Hey, I was laid off by my day job yesterday, so while I'm job hunting I am doing digital commissions! Info and examples below.
Can't afford a commission but want to support my work? I also have a Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/bonesnail

mastodon.art/media/0TtduetSszA mastodon.art/media/BXGG7r3iHB0 mastodon.art/media/dk7gQ1v76J7 mastodon.art/media/Cj_2bj0ASu6

I've been playing a lot of Subnautica lately, and it's inspired me to de-rust and practice watercolors! I've also been inspired by Eskiworks' watercolor pieces.

Play Subnautica, it's absolutely fantastic. mastodon.art/media/JjNV_wz2ihC

Little joshua tree study in watercolor/gouache. Referenced from Archive Rentals photos. Watercolor and gouache forces me to be patient and think in layers, which is really helpful!


Commission for suribot on Twitter of the D&D campaign's final boss, a towering golden knight! mastodon.art/media/ZueUuGM9HPs

Feels good to draw some fuzzy, fangly monsters. And Devilman provides that in spades. Done with ink brush traditionally and colored in Photoshop. mastodon.art/media/AmYxiTPrjhV

Been playing a ton of Slay The Spire and of course The Silent is my favorite character; I'm a sucker for folks who wear skull helmets.