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Hi! My name is Jay Holloway, and I am a freelance illustrator with a love for landscapes and monsters. Just as a heads up, some of my illustrations may contain horror/surreal elements, and body horror.

Twitter/Tumblr/IG: bonesnail
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What if there was an alien world, "singing" strange hymns as petals danced across the clouds, while vicious hunters dove with angelic grace? Contributors @Bonesnail & take us to a world that echoes the heavens in more ways than one.

Looking for resources for understanding how light and color work? Color and Light by James Gurney is one of the most thorough and informative books I find myself coming back to. Absolutely worth checking out!

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WOAH!!! I've hit 500 Followers?!?

Thank you so much, everyone! Your support of my art has inspired me to keep creating and improving my craft! And you've made Mastodon and its related instances worth it! Let's keep creating a wonderful community!

An unnamed dragon who replaced their head with a portal to the Outer realms. Basically an eldritch garden hose.

Hey everybody! I apologize for the radio silence; day job hunting plus some personal issues have been preoccupying me this week, but hopefully next week I'll be able to get back to making amazing art for everyone!

Icon commission for PricklePaws_ on Twitter! More and more people are having me do icons of their characters + plants and I'm loving it!

Icon Commission for TimeChaser!

Interested in one of my character icons? They're now only $20! Send inquiries to

Patton Oswalt posted an interesting question on how centaurs would be affected if bitten by a werewolf, so I had to oblige! We have the wolf top, wolf lower half, and DOUBLE WEREWOLF DELUXE.

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Posted my first drawing to my Patreon; a monstrous blend for ! To drum up excitement, the first few posts will be available to the public, but if you want to see exclusive art, and support my work, subscribe today!

WOAH! I now have a Patreon! I can't wait to start filling it up with sketches, WIPs, and other fun things for people who want to support my work! If you can't subscribe, boosts are greatly appreciated!

Would people be interested if I made a simple Patreon? It would only have a $1+/month tier to start, and you'd get to see all my work 2-3 days before I post it to social media.

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