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Hi! My name is Jay Holloway, and I am a freelance illustrator with a love for landscapes and monsters. Just as a heads up, some of my illustrations may contain horror/surreal elements, and body horror.

Portfolio: bonesnail.com
Twitter/Tumblr/IG: bonesnail
Support Me: ko-fi.com/bonesnail


Little joshua tree study in watercolor/gouache. Referenced from Archive Rentals photos. Watercolor and gouache forces me to be patient and think in layers, which is really helpful!


Commission for suribot on Twitter of the D&D campaign's final boss, a towering golden knight! mastodon.art/media/ZueUuGM9HPs

Feels good to draw some fuzzy, fangly monsters. And Devilman provides that in spades. Done with ink brush traditionally and colored in Photoshop. mastodon.art/media/AmYxiTPrjhV

Been playing a ton of Slay The Spire and of course The Silent is my favorite character; I'm a sucker for folks who wear skull helmets.

I really love Aubrey, ok? She's an adorable little nerdy Cobbin. I have tons of Friends At The Table drawing ideas but I have them on hold until after I finish MFF stuff. mastodon.art/media/n3IS9Ggiv13

Hey new Mastodon folks! My name is Jay Holloway, and I love to draw landscapes, monsters, and other weird stuff! I'm so happy new folks are finding Mastodon to their liking!

Portfolio: bonesnail.com
Twitter/Tumblr/IG: bonesnail
Kofi: ko-fi.com/bonesnail mastodon.art/media/zqNmfvwyjvN

(old doodle) I still really love the design of Dallas, my blue dragonborn cowboy. The campaign he was in fell through but I feel like repurposing him for other stories! mastodon.art/media/5kkWKV3OpSP

I have a repurposed Tumblr with a custom domain as my current art portfolio website, but I feel like it's not the best option to showcase my work. Do you have any recommendations for website building i.e. Squarespace? Can I move my custom domain to the new site?

Book cover commission for A. A. Freeman on Twitter! Check out her novel, "The Worth of Hair", coming out in 2018! mastodon.art/media/jijIQc7BRAs

Hey everyone! I will be at Midwest Furfest 11/30-12/3! Come say hi if you see me! :D

A little Hiram McDaniels head I was doodling while waiting for the book event! A little craggier than my original drawing of him in the Tarot deck.

Housekeeping thing:
Mastoartists, if you get a follow from a bonesnail@mastodon.social, that's my chatter account and the account I follow from to make sure I have 1 streamlined timeline. Yay curation!