the world filled my ears with static;
Set my teeth buzzing,
Numbed my arms from the elbow down.

The day I crashed into my body

I knelt on the gritty floor
Of city rails finest
Sightless soundless,
My guts rebelled

Wynyard tunnel
A concentric ring of spectators
Widening outwards
From the hydrogen bomb
Nuclear reaction
Of two separate but connected things
Being forcefully fused.

(an excerpt because I am incapable of writing concise poems under two pages)

When I look at you there is tenderness in my throat like a garrote
the heart’s equivalent of skeevy street smack;
mixed in with a good dose of dishwashing powder, or maybe just asbestos -
It's one part neuron crackling, pulse-surging excitement, double distilled
and three parts medical grade longing,
potent as a shot to the heart.

Going ham on the ribbon-hair technique I just learned with (my version) of the Gibson Girl :)

I learned (just today!) that when you're lighting hair, the highlight goes *across* the hair, not along.
It's so basic, but I totally didn't realise it until now hahaha.

More details:

Bergamot, a plant witch who refuses to wear green 🐌

(I did approx. five redrafts in the space of three minutes sry)

If I ever open a Thai restaurant it’ll be called Thai Food Mary

This little blue sitting astronaut is so small.. do not let it slip away...

#small #astronaut #mastoart

ive been revamping some of my old personal gifs and here is an avatar I animated for my (hopefully upcoming) GIPHY account β˜€οΈ

Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

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