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Hi Mastodon! <3

I am an from Germany, living in NY.
Love , , , , (especialy the fluffy ones :D) and soooo much more!

I want to bring a little bit more color to the world. If there are other artists out there, I would LOVE to connect!

totaly forgot about yesterdays picture, so here, day 4 & 5. Little Red riding hood and Rapunzel.

has begun! I combined two prompt lists (the official and a fary tale themed one of karoline pietrowski, a german illustrator). First prompt was Snow White and poisonous.

I wouldn´t say I am directly inspired by him, but nevertheless I absolutely enjoy watching him paint. couldnt think of something more relaxing 😊

Before Inktober starts, a quick watercolor illustration. An Armadillo! Cute creatures. Havent seen one in real life, yet, but its definitely on my bucket list 😊

is anybody here planning to paticipate in this years ? would be awesome to find somebody who shares the path 😊

Fall ist almost here (or, it is here...if you ask the view out of my window)

so...felt inspired to draw a turkey :D

It was pretty rainy the last days....even dogs were wearing rain coats! Actually, dogs in my area tend to wear all kind of clothes. Must be a New York thing 😊

Never looked at pigeons in detail before...but actualy, they are cute as hell! big eyes, shiny shimmery feathers...

yeah, I think I am going to draw more of them

Posted a dinosaur a few days ago, thought I prevent him from getting lonely and post him a friend 😊

Sunday evening (tomorrow we have a holiday, so it doesn´t realy feel like a real sunday evening). Sitting on the sofa and scribbling (not these chicken, they are a little bit older, but I still like them and I thought, maybe you gonna like them, too?😊 )

Dinosaur drawing. Not anatomical correct, just a sketch (or a charakter design, if you want to call it like that). Hope you had a great weekend!

I LOVE creating patterns. Taking small sketches and create something more complex...

So I thought I show some of my patterns to you 😊

# watercolor

One of my favorite artists ❤️
Thought about making a series out of it, any recommendations who to paint next?

Cozy living room. I miss fall...and winter. Not for the weather outside, but the mood indoors ❤️

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