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explenationpoint! Don't think I improved that much this year and I clearly peaked in September

Me: man this year is going by so fast, I don't think I've done anything of value in all these months

Also me looking at some drawings I made earlier this year: ah I remember drawing this one, I was so young back then

"I'm a perfectly average man, I thread shoelaces throught the holes in my crocs just like everybody else"

A vampire that hears that the sun doesn't rise for half a year above the artic circle so he moves there, only to find out it doesn't set the other half and that he was just scammed

You can call me Headache McGee for reasons I won't go into right now

Quick demon dude thing sketch, I had forgotten how fun it was to draw monsters.

Quick demon dude thing sketch, I had forgotten how fun it was to draw monsters.

I might not have been drawing a lot lately but in the little I have drawn I have changed the way I draw noses and I really like how they look now. I don't have any pictures to show you so you'll just have to take my word for it

Jeez I haven't drawn in a long time, I really have just wanted to be passive and not do much of anything lately and I don't like it

A tv show where every episode starts with the protagonist and his friends from school pull of a ridiculous prank, like replacing the shoes of everyone in town with crocks, only for the adults to sigh and blame it on shoe goblins and it's never mentioned again, but now everyone wears crocks for the rest of the episode

GTA story idea: The game starts with the protagonist robbing the bank and they get away with a lot of money, but the protagonist gets seriously hurt in a shootout with the police. He ends up getting away but later collapses.

He later wakes up in the hospital and finds out that he doesn't have insurance and the cost of his stay is way more than he got in the bank robbery, so now he needs to find a way to get the money he needs

I wanna draw something cool but I can't think of anything cool looking atm

"I've actually got a heart tattoo"
"Oooh neat, may I see it?"
"Sure, just help me remove my stitches"

My biggest hope for the next Red Dead game is that it'll literally just be the Oregon Trail

Whenever I play Bitlife I somehow end up in prison even when I'm trying to be good. Sometimes it ends up as a good story, as with the lady that went to jail for some reason who was just really good at escaping which just made her prison sentence longer, and by the time she died her sentence was over 4000 years

I was gonna use this as a profile pic since today is but since I decided to go with a bunad instead of something more tacky you can't really tell its theme when cropped, oops.

I also made a mistake with the bunad because I couldn't really fit in all I needed for one, and I have no idea what the local bunad looks like so I just took a random one, boops

Alt right stuff and mistakes on my part 

"I thought you were better than this"
"What did I ever do to give you that impression"

Got really lazy half way through, or from the very start, I don't remember

My hope is that Animal Crossing Switch will be set in prison for obvious reasons (it would be funny)

I was looking through some of the things I said on Discord and found this
Turned out it was a quote from me talking about the Sims taken out of context

Psychologist: you have an existential depression
Me: mood

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