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I was gonna reupload my best stuff to show what I could do but I had less good stuff than I remebered. 😔

Anyway I'm just gonna say this is my even though I've been on here a while. I'm Bobbert, I'm an asexual boi from Norway and I like drawing monsters! I want to start writing because there are like way too many stories I want to write but I never know which one to start with.

I kinda want to do an art secret santa thingy in december, I did that last year and it was pretty fun, but it might be a bit early to think about christmas

I spent like four hours today making a sauce for a lasagna and it turned out fantastic, but then I burnt the lasagna and it lost all its taste 😭

Been missing some color lately, here's a gouahe painting of Fig. I also added some ink for Inktober

I'm making cookies!
Wish I had read the recipe ahead of timethough because it has to sit in the fridge for three hours and I want them now

I swear, it's so easy to improve at art by trying new stuff, or at the very least it's easier to get more art made when you use tools you haven't before and see what you can do with them

Also I can't believe I didn't notice the crop tool before now, I have been showing monster crotches for no reason!

Do you need to design a monster but don't know how to go about it? Here's a little secret for you! Add teeth! Lots of teeth! Just too many teeth!

More watercolor monsters! Had to redraw the head digitally because I messed it up irl. Actually messed it up digitally too because it's off model from how I wanted it. The wings look awful too but eh

Head demon! I really like how this turned out, I'll definetly have to try more water coloring in the future!

So this might be a weird question but has anyone here ever changed their art style/way they draw something because of a story idea?

For example, the way I drew eyes didn't have that pink fleshy part until I had a story idea where some people had blue blood and thus that part became blue instead of pink.

Never did much with that story but I kept the eyes that way and I decided to change how I drew other parts of the face in order to fit in better with the eyes.

I bought some pens because I like drawing with pens, but despite being black and red both of them actually had blue ink 😢 I wanted to use black, red, and blue ink for some coloring experimentation but seems like I won't be able to do that

I've been playing the Sims 4 a lot and I really wanna draw my main sim because I love her but I'm really not good at drawing people from reference, I can only draw people from imagination and by just drawing features until it becomes a face

Oh hey, it's been a week since the last time I posted here, time sure flies (not really the last week has felt really long)

I've been trying to actually come up with something people would want to see and I'm apparently really bad at that because I have no idea of what to do. Maybe some spooky stuff? Only time will tell!

I visited the city today and the art museum I wanted to go to was closed, but the public toilet had some poetry written in it so it was worth it in the end.

It says "It's hopeless and we don't give up"

I didn't realize that I'm really uncomfortable with selfies with eye contact before I came here where people actually tags that stuff, I wish people would do that other places I go on as well 😢

I had a bit more to say but my phone is almost out of power and I can't be bothered to make a two part post

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