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explenationpoint! Don't think I improved that much this year and I clearly peaked in September

Never uploaded a gif before so I have no idea if this will even work but if it doesn't I'll just delete this so no one will ever know.
Anyway, this is Punk with an idle animation, I was going to say this was the first thing I've ever animated but then I remembered I once animated an explosion which was pretty neat

Trying my hand at so far drawing humans haven't gone well so I drew Punk and Kunstverk. I like the "lineless" look but some stuff kinda blends together, but I think I'll stick with it

Punk's not dead, she has nine lives!

A cat named Punk, trying myself on other styles, and by that I mean just different proportions, I don't like it! Stuff like this looks good when other people do it but when I do it it just looks weird to me

(is this ? Doesn't feel like it to me but I can't justify it not being but Idk)

Okay so I wanted to make a Sonic OC as a joke so I made up the edgiest character I could (Edgehog the Cat), but it's really hard for me to draw in the Sonic style so I ended up practicing with just drawing a bunch of random characters in that style but with each one I made up a new story and now I've made up an entire cast and I'm kinda attached to all of them and now I have made up a whole world around them and this was a mistake

Nothing makes me lose interest in a piece of media faster than if it tries to make me invested in a romance between two characters I don't know or care about. Like I have started a few visual novels that have really favorable reviews but it starts with two cahracters pining over each other and I don't caaaaaare

I was finally able to finish drawing these guys. For now I am calling this species cave gremlins, cause i am terrible with names. this time I wanted to do some color variations and draw them as cubs since there are some differences, like the crest on top of their heads is just a small bump.

One thing I like is when really good artists try to give tips for begginners but they have totally forgotten what sort of mistakes they used to make so when they draw the "wrong" thing it's just totally baffling

I need money to cover medical expenses, so if you can help or just boost it'd be awesome!
- here's my shop:
- or my tip jar:
Thanks a lot 💙

How the heck did I manage to sleep from 7 in the evening to 8 in the morning

I was up all night and made brownies and they turned out not great, so please learn from my mistakes. If you're up all night make bread instead

It was not my plan to spend 8 hours today playing Minecraft with my brother but here we are

really need to make a proper ref sheet of them but god I hate drawing feet

TAZ Amnesty spoilers 

I predict that in the future there will be a headline that goes something like:
Shocking: Another "unbiased" moderator AI interrupts presidential debate to call republican a liar

God I wish I could draw mechs, there is a God and he has cursed me to love mecha stuff but not be able to draw it myself

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