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I was gonna reupload my best stuff to show what I could do but I had less good stuff than I remebered. 😔

Anyway I'm just gonna say this is my even though I've been on here a while. I'm Bobbert, I'm an asexual boi from Norway and I like drawing monsters! I want to start writing because there are like way too many stories I want to write but I never know which one to start with.

Why do I put in so much effort into shitposting? I spent half an hour writing a 2500 word horror story that ended with that "Hit or miss, I guess they never miss" song

Wait, the Cambridge dictionary page for the word gullible says "wanky"????

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I want a Star Wars game in the veins of Crusader Kings 2 sooooooo bad, imagening how it would be takes up an unreasonable ammount of my thoughts

I want to draw, but my cat is sleeping on my tablet

There are a lot of "cute girls doing cute things" animes but not nearly enough "cute boys doing cute things"

I'm gonna draw something super good looking and everyone will be like "Holy crap" and after proving to myself that I could do it I won't do something like that ever again

Does "Combat Suit Neon" sound like a good name for a Power Rangers inspired webcomic? I'm not too sure about naming the suits just combat suits but I can't think of anything better

I'm not really that big a fan of XXXTentacion's previous albums but SKINS is really good (though my favorite song is pretty much just a Kanye song)

Phew, I thought I forgot to save a wip yesterday but it turned out I had just given it a really stupid name

I might be getting an apartment for myself soon, woo! It will make this month even more stressful but I really hope I get it!

Everyone posting overly dramatic stuff abt tumblr and twitter and Im just here cuz its a place thats art-dedicated

These are some design sketches for an important character from my comic. He is Belial.

His hobbies include obliterating everything, and that's really all of his hobbies.

Redesign of an old monster I drew, now with 100% more fluff!

I guess I never did an post.
I'm BasicBishoujo or Julia, 20, she/her .

I love cute things, reading shounen , music and other awful things.

I'm really looking for some friends that I can talk art with :)

Why do I only start working on my projects when I'm tired? I should really go to bed but I also want to get some work done 😢

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