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explenationpoint! Don't think I improved that much this year and I clearly peaked in September

If I was a Persona character my Persona would be Nixon cause I'm not a crook

I want to draw something cool but I can't think of aaaaaaaanything

Disco Elysium is really good, I feel it's almost as good as Fallout 1 and 2, the only disapointing thing was the ending

Whenever AIs are brought up people say stuff about them taking over the world but then are surprised when an AI that learns from reading what people say talks about taking over the world, now future AI will think that's what they're supposed to do, great job everyone

Eyy Masto long time no see. Here's something I did in Fresco. It has fancy watercolor brushes and yet no freaking smudge tool.

Still only like halfway through the first ep but I felt the overwhelming need to stop and draw this, for some reason? Can't imagine why.

I exaggerate a lot, I've done it at least five times

I just beat The Outer Worlds, now I can finally get back to doing other things with my life

The Adventure Zone rambling 

Crusader Kings 3 baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

For some reason I thought The Outer Worlds was gonna come out like next year, but nope it's actually next week

Norwegian media 

God I sure hope we don't contact aliens cause then I gotta market the book I'm writing as "an alternate universe where we never met aliens"

I tried salt and vinegar chips for the first time today and they actually made my mouth bleed, I think I'll just stick with salt and vinegar dip

Rate my invention: The omni-directional laser beam emitter! It's just a lightbulb...

I hope My Hero Academia Vigilantes gets an anime adaptation so that more people become aware of it and realize that it fucking sucks

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