Y'know, I like The Last Jedi a whole bunch, probably my second favorite Star Wars movie, but if I were in charge of making it, instead of Luke having cut himself off from the force I'd have him secretly train a new group of Jedis away from Snoke's influence and have Rey deal with not being special by being the only potential new Jedi on top of the thing with her parents.

I have like the worst writing process ever, I have five different stories that I switch between whenever I lose motivation or don't know where to go with one.

It is however the only thing that has managed to get me to write consistently for any length of time so can't complain if it works I guess

Oh man, I had a dream where someone made fanart of my stuff, but I was really confused because it was fanart of like the worst thing I've drawn in ages, I didn't even feel flattered just confused

He boy, he name Kelly, partly inspired by my Animal Crossing character

"Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday." I say as my mind fails to bring up anything

I think I spent two hours writing a comment on a video about objectivity and beauty that I disagreed with, I totally didn't get my point over well but I'd pretty much have to spend another two hours to make it coherent, which, no thanks, good luck to whoever decides to read it

I wanted to try my hand at this and it was pretty fun since it's not something I would usually do.

Decided to make a larger version of the thing I drew yesterday. I have no idea how to do dithering

I've had 4 weeks in a row where the turnip prices haven't been more than I bought them for, does anyone have turnip prices at like 90 bells so I can get my money back? 😰 😰

My goal in life is to make a children's book that is so good that every kid that reads it will have an impossibly high standard for entertainment for the rest of their lives

Aw ye, I found a Norwegian store that actually sells a MG Gundam GM Sniper, this is gonna be great

I looked at some BJDs and they all look so cool and they put me in the mood to experiment. I eneded up merging the wrong layers a few times so it doesn't really mesh together.

I apparently drew this last year, it feels a lot longer than that though

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A goblin and her mud friend! I want to complain that I spent too much time on this but honestly 4 hours isn't that bad

I usually have a problem figuring out what hair to give to my characters because nothing really fits, but right now I'm drawing someone where everything looks good so that's a nice change of pace

Should I stay up all night tomorrow to watch the livestream of the finale of Naddpod? I really want to but I don't want to be so tired that I'm unable to pay attention

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