The year is 2401, archeologists have officially run out of digsites so they have resorted to digging up more recent graves. It has become such an issue that funerals are done in secret in remote areas to give the graves a chance at being undisturbed

One thing about me is that I'm incredibly petty about small stuff but quick to try to understand bigger stuff. Idealogical differences? As long as you're not a facist I won't let that ruin things between us. Someone posts a link to the Wikipedia page for a semi-famous game without any context, just completly randomly? Fuck you. The hate my heart holds for you makes the sunn look like a dim light bulb

Working on character designs and colors for a comic I may or may not end up making, and somehow I spent like two hours just getting the colors right for his face so I'll be damned if I'm not gonna share it

Me writing a mystery story *three pages of the protagonist googling things that doesn't help him at all before getting annoyed and just asking the relevant questions on a forum and getting the answers after arguing with another user for another page*

My ritual for going to sleep is to unwind before I go to bed, taking some deep breaths to relax myself, and desperatly trying not to think about My Hero Academia Vigilantes so I won't get angry

10,000 words in one week, oh yeah, here's hoping another 10 this week too!

I read an article that said people in northern Norway eat dinner super early at like 16:00, and first of all, when do y'all eat dinner???? And secondly, at my dad's place we eat at like 14:00 so the article could have said even earlier

There's a Hello Kitty Gundam/Red Commet crossover toy and it has a comercial that shows her doing a god damn colony drop, she's hardcore

Watched a few gouache videos and tried something else today. Had something a bit else in mind when I started, but I ain't mad with the result. :D Expect more gouache experiments.

Me watching a mystery movie: The killer is one of these 35 characters!

Me when one of them I only mildly suspected turns out to be the killer: I knew it!

Dang, don't you just hate it when reality ruins your story ideas? I wanted to write about two people, one on a planet and the other on its moon forming a relationship through the use of stuff like telescopes cause like the most advanced of the planets is only in like the equivalent of the early 20th century, but then I found out telescopes have to be really big to make out the details of a person on the moon.

Guess I just have to make the moon rally close or something 🤷

Finally got me my GM Sniper! It's so good looking but its limbs keep falling off 😔

Either I'm really good looking without my glasses on or I just can't even see what I look like and at this point I don't want to know which one it is

Once again I'm faced with my greatest art enemy: mountains (or just rocks in general)

I took a two hour walk up to the mountains at midnight, got home by 2am, hidden feelings unlocked, best day of my life, my legs are jelly

Really liking the SMT V protagonist's design, the hair is awful but it adds to the charm

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