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explenationpoint! Don't think I improved that much this year and I clearly peaked in September

Coronation of a Hesitant King. I liked it better with more of the face showing but the point of the image was the sword so not much I could do.

Coronation of a Hesitant King. I liked it better with more of the face showing but the point of the image was the sword so not much I could do.

Life doesn't have any inherent meaning, you have to give it one yourself, and I refuse to do that!

So I think I've figured out the reason I prefer writing in English over Norwegian, and that's because at the very least written English is close to spoken English, while neither of the written Norwegian languages are close to how I speak. I mean I could write in my dialect, but eh

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I really need to change something with how I draw because I am not a fan of the results I have now. Looking back on some of the drawings I made that I've liked the best I think I should go for more of a painting thing instead of drawing then coloring, but Idk, we'll see

A fun guy and fun gal. I don't know what fun people are like # art

Well that's not entierly true, I do get exhausted if I am with people all the time, but I think that's because of my Schizoid personality disorder, so it's probably because of how those two interact, but Idk

Huh, I think I'm actually an extrovert, because I think I get energized by being with people, but I just don't like it. Weird

Not the most interesting tip in the world but what has really helped me is experimentation! Be it drawing in a different style, working in a different medium, or just doing something different in your process, it can give you a lot of ideas about stuff you can do to make your art better!

Personally though half the things I draw are just experiments in the process because I don't really have a process that gives me the results I want, so it isn't even a choice I've made in my case

Oh my god I finally finished Transformers The Lost Light and it was AMAZING, I love it

One thing I've been wondering recently is what my art style actually is, I mean I know what I think it is but I'm not sure if there's anything that makes people think "Oh that's Bobbert's art!" when they see it.

I mean like, the one thing I have pinned here shows a bunch of different stuff and I don't think they have all that much in common, though in fairness I think half of them were just experiments

Okay so I accidentaly opened a file for a story I was writing, and after reading a bit of it to figure out what it was I really wanted to get back into writing it, so I know what I'm doing tomorrow I guess!

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My biggest fear is that I'll wake up in the middle of the night and see a person standing outside staring at me through the window.

Because like, that would be bad enough but I also live on the third floor, so if someone got up there I'm probably really screwed.

Heyo, I want to draw but I haven't liked anything I've started drawing, so I'll just draw whatever people ask me to for a while

Super original anime series: Instead of the protagonists dad being the villain its his mom

"I'm gonna destroy everything you love, starting with me!"

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