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explenationpoint! Don't think I improved that much this year and I clearly peaked in September

Well, more accuratly it would be like "Change Island" (like money change) but that's not as fun

Apparently the name of the island I live on could literally be translated to "Money Island" so that's fun

This is one of my favorite videos ever, it's long but every second is interesting.

Noah talks about his time travelling through the US and he talks about so many things I've never heard of before, or at the very least not said in such an interesting way. Highly recommend it and his other travel videos!

I can't believe that the most writing I have gotten done in like forever is for a Star Wars fanfiction about my weird Kylo Ren in the Clone Wars dream, I don't know how to feel about this

I really need to figure out how to do keep the sketchiness that I like in my art while removing enough of it so that it doesn't look awful. I've managed it a few times but they usually require a lot of time tediously earsing and re-drawing stuff to the point that it's faster to make a new layer and draw over it, but then it loses the sketchiness. Life is a heck

It was meant to be a shark onesie with clothes over it but like an idiot I put all the clothes over the onesie so it barley even shows.

I got the idea for the design after re-playing Devil Survivor 1 and 2 and the protagonists cat headphones and bunny hoodie respectivly, so shark was the obvious next step.

I'm gonna make a quik redesign tomorrow I think so that the joke actually works.

God I hope you can be gay in Rune Factory 5, or even the in the Switch version of 4 since 4 had a lot of dialouge that hinted at that.

I mean, I had the same hopes for Persona 5 since there was apparently cut content for Persona 4 where you could romance Youske, but then again it was even worse there because you could be gay in Persona 2 so they have actually regressed there.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I'm hopeful but prepared for disappointment

Do you ever think that you have just a fantastic idea for a drawing that you're really excited to draw but you make a few changes to the original idea while drawing and then at the end you look at the piece and think to yourself "Wow those changes were really dumb and ruined the whole piece"? Cause that's me right now baby!

Rune Factory 5 has been announced! All my dreams except the ones that matter are coming true!

The one thing I have learned from drawing noses is that they are really easy to ignore.

Like, you'll notice if it's gone or if it doesn't fit the rest of the face but as long as all of that is fine I don't have to worry too much about drawing the nose

When I draw people they're 80% legs and then people on discord bully me and my poor understanding of proportions 😢

One day I'll get back to drawing and then you'll see, you'll all see!

I had a dream that there was a SW set during Episode 3 that no one watched, where it turned out Kylo Ren was actually a clone of a dark jedi that was a part of a secret unit of force users in the republic who was sent to a planet to find some artifacts but then order 66 happened and he and one of the other members of that secret unit got stuck until Luke got there 20 years later and they finally managed to get off the planet and Kylo Ren started his plot to clone himself and take over the galaxy

I'm a moderator on a discord server and it's awful because I hate having to confront people when they break the rules or whatever, why do I keep doing this to myself

God I hope they release a new Devil Survivor game, it's one of my favorite SMT spinoffs

I have this idea for a fantasy comic where the protagonists are exploring a new world where they meet an anthropomorphic dog person who like most furries don't wear pants but does wear a shirt.

Anyway, they befriend him and after going on a few adventures with him they go to his home, and they realize that everyone else wears pants and he's just a weirdo

Hmm, I don't feel all that good. Hope I don't die!

Dororo has such a great opening, I have listened to it way too much. It's so good that it single handedly made me watch Dororo which is just as good so far!

Maaan the Darth Vader comics are so good, it really makes me want to see an alternate reality where Vader actually starts a civil war

Every time I walk down the street and see a dog approaching I think to myself "This is it, this is the day my irrational fear of dogs becomes rational"

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