I just uploaded my Vonzent cowboy 3D Model to sketchfab if ya curious about how I modeled him!


Sketched Wolf from Smash Bros in anticipation of the new direct tomorrow! ✨

of a Wolf O'Donnell since I'm much too excited for Smash Ultimate!

Another wolf ink piece!

Loving this new extra-fine pen! also trying to figure out how I wanna shade fur with it.

Drew a Red Wolf recently!

(Really ought to share on here more often)

Finished the prototype model for an upcoming ! Using

(Yes, the werewolf is the protagonist! Of course!)

@Thighs Almost 30k exactly (was like 30,072 or something)

I actually really wanted to upload it to sketchfab before I realized Sketchfab does not play well with n-gons and I never bothered to clean up faces like I usually do for this model.

Ah well, live and learn!

@Thighs Thank you very much!! That in particular is something I try to focus on!

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Meet Icarus Quicksilver! A DnD character "Alchemist Artificer"!

If you wanna see more critters like this, totally follow @Vonzent !

Finally a critter very much in @Vonzent 's style.

Called him the cheese-puff friend, like he snooted around in a big ol' bag of snacks.

Even silly finger paintings are great when ya having a messy art day.

This diamond came out especially pretty! The purple contrasting with the sparkly gold is perfect!

Love the composition these make together! Unintentional artings are the best!

of my new DnD character, dirty gnoll druid boy

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