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🐦 Time for a proper with suited art.

🐉 We're a duo made of one writer and one artist working on a comedy about a potato birb and a noodle . Random humour, bromance, silly pranks, and all sorts of nonsense guaranteed!

➡️ You can find all our links here:

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@ashneehs Hello, my nickname is Clo and I am the illustrator of the Birbs and Dragons, about the silly adventures of a potato birb and a noodle dragon.

➡️ Links to all SM for the comic:

I also make in my free time, often pretty weird stuff haha. I should be posting more of those on my page soon so stay tuned!

Here are two comic artworks and two paintings to show a bit of everything :artpeek:


here's a timelapse (about 2 minutes) for those who like to see at least a bit of the process.

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Sneak peek of a collab to come in June for pride lol I couldn't resist the urge to reuse the outfit from the beach episode. Sorry not sorry. You might need eye bleach after this, but it ain't my problem.

New episode underway, as well as some promo art and a painting! Woohoo! Can't wait to share everything with you guys. I'll post some lil stuff later today when it's completely finished :>

I heard has started...! What about a little mermay artwork to promo our hah? 👀 🧜‍♀️

📽️ And with the too!

Hello guys! I have been away for a few days, trying to get the next episode out on time <3 Stay tuned yall, we're coming back with art very soon!

What character would you like to see drawn in my art style?
I don't care if they're from video games, TV shows, movies, books...

When I'm a little less stressed I would like to draw some of them :)

I'm open to suggestions ✨

Birb and Dragon got invited to a sleepover! Looks like they found a bunch of friends to snooze with too 💜

Thank you everyone who entered this silly . You can find their work on Tapas and/or Webtoon. Some are here too: @nekohime, @planetspectra, @Haruh2 :artpeek:

Please click to see the full picture!

🎥OH, and there's a bonus!

Check out this awesome featuring art from me, @Haruh2, @nekohime, @BirbsandDragons as well as other fantastic creators!

Birb also hosted the collab & did the whole BG for it, so give her a big round of applause!

A large sleepover done with fellow creators, including @Haruh2 , @planetspectra & @BirbsandDragons

Please check out their amazing and give some love!

If you guys love drama, slow burn, and diving into the dark side of human psychology, you should check out @nekohime's "Across your Shattered Sky".

It's on Tapas and Webtoon for those interested :3

All of them links right here:

Introduction post!

I am Nekohime, a genderfluid artist with synesthesia! My full-time project is "Across Your Shattered Sky"
✨ LGBT+, 18+ themes, autistic MC
✨ Polyam, slow burn
✨ Other socials ~

Welcome to all the new followers, and thanks a lot to @FediFollows for the feature <3 Appreciate that a lot!

Glitch edit of Eve. A piece done for my comic, from the song Ultraviolent by Crywolf.

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