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Also like I decided to finally work on my main project and I already got some stuff done, hope I'll be able to turn it to pen and paper rpg in some nearish future ?? ?

I was actually kinda busy with schoolwork and stuff, last year of highschool shenanigans

I don't know if I'm just overworking myself or working too little

if we are all on the web does it mean we are all officially spiders

painting with fingers is kinda enjoyable ngl

Politics are just 2 wojaks screaming at eachother

Also that guy with a weird leather squid mask had some good ones

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The only one good country song was that were some samurai lady was fighting a fat guy on weirdass robot full of almost nakey girls

Oh man I'm thinking about playing idolmaster again

crawliin out of bedd straaaight on the floor

Me when someone says they hate bingus: 🔫 😡

yeah like an hour a day, that would be okayish ig

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