New drawing!
Our DM recently told us about the Warforged race. And since I love Kobolds, of course I was going to mix these two things up!

Here is WK-014, but their fellow soldiers affectionately called them K-Bolt.
While K-Bolt never quite grasped the interest of puns, others seemed to like the nickname and they decided to keep it.

(11/02/2020) The method I decided to use was to use Bézier curve objects : one for the path of each strand, one for the width of the strands and one for the shape of the strands.
Next step is trying more colour palettes for the skin, hair and horns!

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(11/02/2020) After an extremely long and tedious fight (I can't manage to do it like it is presented in the Blender Cloud courses), I can finally announce that my tiefling have hair! 😃

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(09/02/2020) A first colour test using the highpoly mesh and vertex painting. This one is made to stay close to Glasya's skin colours but I'll try the classic red and violet colours as well.

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(09/02/2020) I overhauled the face and improved the horns! (they are still a separate mesh, I may want to change them later)
I think this is getting somewhere! And for a first serious attempt at sculpting, I'm also a bit proud 😃

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(08/02/2020) I reworked it a little bit, fused the head with the neck, the nose and the ears and I think that's better...? I'm not sure, I'll see where this will go!

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(05/02/2020) Tried to make the face look a little bit less aggressive and sculpted the horns! I guess the neck is next.

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(05/02/2020) Found out what the problem was! The scale of the base cylinder mesh was not applied and interfered with the sculpting tools, all is better now! 😃

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(05/02/2020) I attempted to add the ears during this lunch break. The mesh density varies a lot and gives weird results when sculpting. I think re-making them from scratch and making sure the density stays constant is better than trying to fix this at this point.

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(05/02/2020) Alright, time to post some WIP!
I wanted to learn 3D sculpting and decided to try creating my new D&D tiefling character!
I'm still learning and most of it is still block-out shapes still but I wanted to share the progression instead of never posting anything like I usually do

was very fun!

Here is a small drawing (literally, it's about 670*300) made in two hours during a conference!

Heavy Daughter of the Lilies spoilers! Go read the webcomic up to chapter 7's end first! 

I really love this webcomic, so here is a little training copy doodle of Thistle!

Alright, first entry to @Ayior 's !

Made with pencil and ink on paper.
First picture is the result at the exact 5 minute mark.
Second picture is the final inking at the 7-10 minute mark.
Third picture is the shadowed version at the 10-15 minute mark.

I'm open to any critique, I don't usually do portrait and POC portraits are even more rare for me so if I did anything wrong please tell me so I don't do it again !

Bonus little doodle as I go watch Ad Astra while punching through a nice headache

I give you... the bread-hoarding dragon! 🥖 🐉

You may ask "why does he look angry and sad?", well that's because someone took yet another slice of his delicious treasure 😢

I've been experimenting with Pico-8 lately! It's really fun 😁

Here is a little test based of Divinity: Original Sin II and it's music Rivellon

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