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It's been 5 years since my last introduction and with the wave of newcomers, let's refresh it!

Hi everyone! I'm Bhoren, a software engineer that (infrequently) draw as a hobby!

I like to try different things, so I sometime do other stuff like polymer clay sculpting or coding experiments, but I mainly do digital artworks using Huion tablets and Krita as well as paper and pencil drawings.

My artworks can be found here :

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A Kiki but with another color palette, fixing bugs. 🐞 🐞
(cooldown evening sketch, nothing serious) #krita #mastoart

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Layer Info Subtitles
A feature made by Freya Lupen for future Krita 5.2

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We’re back! Next week, Rising Sand will continue updating—but for now, that update is available in HD on Patreon!

If you’d like to support the story and get a look behind the curtain of how it’s made, check it out!


#webcomic #risingsand #art #mastoart

TW : Blood

Breaking my usual silence with a brand new fanart of Ro from @risingsand, made by @glitchritual and @y2jenn

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wrapped up a big commission of D&D playable character, a Eloquence Bard faun named Mara. commissioned by Sin of Greed

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Here the result of my last on

To all who watched me, dont be confused I changed the background from yellow to black :)

I hope you like my angry monk fighter :)

🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

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Clay baby dragon, ready to be made into a necklace! It is my cutest work so far and I am extremely happy about it! 🥬

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Testing image uploading on desktop. Twitter hasn’t seen this panel yet. Toot exclusive.


Hey ! Just noticed @glitchritual and @y2jenn joined mastodon!

Their webcomic, @risingsand, is one of the best and prettiest I've been able to read on internet!

So if you have some time (and violence/gore isn't a problem for you, there is quite some in the comic, also rarely nudity), I highly recommand giving it a read! 😃

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Hello !

I really like to see how an illustration began. Was it a sketch, just some splashes of colours. What about you?

So, here is a sketch VS final!

Hope you like this one!

#Fantasy #Faery #illustration #sketch #Mastoart

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Portrait of David Tennant as so beware of demon eyes in full view. (Took ca. 5 hours, about A4 in size, pencil)
Haven't touched graphite in over a year, so please be kind :artsweats:.

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Drugs & Wires is set in the alternative 90s Eastern Europe and follows the misadventures of several dysfunctional cyborgs and one stranded American saleswoman.
16+ because drugs.
Happy 🔥

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Ever so slowly picking away at this. Hoping to have the model done by Friday so I can get to posing it and putting final touches on it next week

I need to beef up a few details so they'll print properly, but I'm generally happy with how things are going so far

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