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Hi! I'm Bhoren, a french computer science student who likes to draw in my free time and thought that going here on could be a good place to look at amazing works!

I draw almost only digitally with Huion tablets and Krita, but I sometime do paper sketches as well.

My favorite artists are Tohad (Sylvain Sarrailh), Manchu (Philippe Bouchet) and Makkon (Ben Hale).

I also store most of my interesting work on my own repository :

Slowly getting back to drawing, here is an anglerfish sketch ! Deep sea fauna is quite interesting !

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More Viking buildings. Two iterations of a hunting hut and a Jarls house

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I'm torn between giving this a very cool or absolutely ridiculous name

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I got bored of the left handed drawing, so we started this instead!
Stabby knight versus monster thing.
A big thank you to the amazing @MoonsquidInk @Shticky @MadameBerry @art_rat for the raids, hosts, and good company!
We're hosting @theladymea! Go see!

I just finished watching The Dark Crystal. It was so great ❤️ !

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We've been listening to some good old Blind Guardian, which inspired me for this drawing.

It's been at least 2 months since I drew anything and I just fixed that!

My past skills are buried deep beneath layers of rust, but here is a Deet sketch anyway! :)

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I'm almost back! Last few days of vacation, but have somewhat stable internet here. :) Managed to draw a few things which I will post now. First up this elven lady. I was inspired by the dripstone caves I visited.

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✨Dragon Bites. A random dragon doodle...✨
It’s been some time since I last drew one of these creatures ;)

I can't recommend The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance enough, this series is a delight !
I'll definitely do a fan-art or two!

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👁‍🗨More Horror Busts👁‍🗨
These are still available!

Once again, back from the dead!

Also, I may or may not be trying to create myself a portfolio website... 🙂

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Schoolism exercise 2 done!

This one was about greysketch colouring.

Base grayscale image by Bobby Chiu.

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Alright, time to do lesson 2: colouring over greysketch

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