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Hi! I'm Bhoren, a french computer science student who likes to draw in my free time and thought that going here on could be a good place to look at amazing works!

I draw almost only digitally with Huion tablets and Krita, but I sometime do paper sketches as well.

My favorite artists are Tohad (Sylvain Sarrailh), Manchu (Philippe Bouchet) and Makkon (Ben Hale).

I also store most of my interesting work on my own repository :

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Schoolism exercise 2 done!

This one was about greysketch colouring.

Base grayscale image by Bobby Chiu.

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Alright, time to do lesson 2: colouring over greysketch

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A sketch today! It uses black acrylic ink, and blue and silver iridescent ink.

#art #CreativeToots

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First sketch of 2019

Thanks to the amazing app and
(But don't look at my layers names... I am so *not* tidy 😅)

Also, a thing I learned from the videos while transcribing the Photoshop process : did you know that Krita can actually have layered canvas of the same picture? Well, I didn't and it's real nice!

You can use a small one as replacement of the overview docker and even better: you can draw in it! A zoomed-in view for details and a zoomed out view for general shapes and verification.

I'm following the "Digital Painting
with Bobby Chiu" class. The kickoff was about painting with values (and photoshop tricks I had to transfert to krita 🙂).

Bobby Chiu made a pencil sketch of a caricatured athlete and we had to do the B&W rendering, here is the result and steps.

Any critique is welcomed !

I've also given Shoolism subscription a shot, so I'll post lessons' exercises results here too!

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Well, this season of Dr. Who was great! 🙂
Can't wait to see what they'll do with the next one!

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it occurs to me now that I never posted this drawing anywhere! It was for a fantasy zine that just kinda fizzled out, so I might as well put it somewhere. Gave me an excuse to do some more fancy rendering, anyway!

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