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Competition is done! I published an entry in the Paintover compo at !

Revision staff release a base picture, and you got 24 hours to find shapes and draw a picture from them!

Here is what I've done!

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Hi! I'm Bhoren, a french computer science student who likes to draw in my free time and thought that going here on could be a good place to look at amazing works!

I draw almost only digitally with Huion tablets and Krita, but I sometime do paper sketches as well.

My favorite artists are Tohad (Sylvain Sarrailh), Manchu (Philippe Bouchet) and Makkon (Ben Hale).

I also store most of my interesting work on my own repository :

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Two more sketches!

First one was a sketch that was meant as a base for the dailysketchchallenge "SPEED", but it didn't turn out as expected.

Second one is a frog study that went a bit too far!

I'm going to post the sketches I've done in the week! (to avoid spaming, I'll post them over the day)

Here is a selection of smaller sketches and a post-apocalyptic scene.

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some spaceship/ spacestation interieur doodels

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Finished this patreon request! Really wanted to work on my color and light skills on this one and wanted to incorporate some feel on it buuut it's not really a merperson I guess? Because it's not "half" person hmm, ok oh well

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mask-person-assassin, partially inspired by Game of Thrones

Blood, Monster (Wraith) Show more

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a few more building sketches with pencil

"What madness it is to go fight the titans..."

New illustration where I try to go without a detailed sketch and take less time for details in favor of concepts and speed.

(This is the second post, I fixed a few shadows and merging edges thanks to people critiques on Pepper and Carrot IRC)

The base idea came from the past theme: Ouch

Alright, I was told some strong issues that would benefit the picture if they were fix, so I'm deleting it then uploading it again later.

I might be getting back into doing art for Battle for Wesnoth!

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Also, is there a tag to let people know critiques and advices are wanted?

With six free days, I can finally train a bit!
I missed doing these trainings (original painting on top from Karl Friedrich Lessing)

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Umbris, the spirit of shadows, intrigues and conspiracies, the patron of spies and murderers.

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Here is the full version of my profile picture: drawn in @Krita then printed on watercolour paper and coloured with a mix of pencils and watercolours.