I've been making these sketches for the landscape tiles in my boardgame. These sketches are really meant only for the playtesting prototype and I shouldn't be making such detailed sketches for that, but I don't have that much experience in making small isometric landscapes like these, so its a lot of fun to experiment with them and I'm learning a lot in the process.

@hesir Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the next ones. There going to be at least twelve different tile types so still a bit more to go :)

@BenjaminBrinckmann Excellent, it would be cool to see a mock up of multiplles of them laid out together too. :)

@JUST Yeah, I also think that one turned out best. The others require more work and better conceptual planning for a finalized version.

@Mamacrow Thanks! Yeah, the fungal jungle is really fun to work on. Looking forward to develop it further!

@BenjaminBrinckmann These look great!
(I hope the project will be taken off hold again. It looks like a game I'd enjoy playing.)

@yncke Thanks! Yes, its started up again. I'm currently still in my summer vacation so I'm doing some stuff now and then, but I'm going to work on it more intensively after that. Most important part now is to get out a prototype that I can let other people playtest, rather than using the pieces of scribbled paper that I've been using to play against myself 😅

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