So, apparently: sharing brushes, tutorials and comic for free on the Internet will also get you death threats. I receive a lot of them right now (attachement, this morning).

Problem: my CMS Pluxml only shows IP adresses in admin. It has no other tools to take actions in case certains IP range detected (eg. put the comment offline and in a moderation queue).

So, I spent sunday coding my own system for that with as usual a nested set of yak shaving action.

Now I want my sunday back, please?

@davidrevoy That's just awful! It seems like a really weird troll, or some kid with some serious issues. Hope it won't continue.

@BenjaminBrinckmann Yes, I'm also thinking about a kid. I hope they will not learn how to use a VPN or I'll have issue at excluding IP ranges 😅
I wrote a bit more about what I think it is here:


@davidrevoy Well it's good to hear that it isn't anything serious. Still, it always is scary. Internet is a wonderful and revolutionary invention, but we still have a long long way to go before we learn how to use it responsibly in a global culture...

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