It has taken way too long to finish this one, but here it is: my first banner for my mastodon account. Hope you like it!

My entry to the ProkoChallenge of july last year. Space encounters. I learned a lot during this painting and made hundreds of mistakes. Still not entirely satisfied, some aspects I like a lot. But you can probably see the rookie mistake of working zoomed in far too much.

From may last year. Sketching some Norwegian trolls in Krita. It was now that I discovered pattern fills which I just really have come to love.

This one is from may last year. It was based on a photograph of a traditional dutch canal boat that traveled up and down the rivers between the coast and germany.

From early last year. Here I really tried to go loose. I've spent so much fixing and trying again, but I learned a lot about Krita during this one. I was still using smudge-brushes, but since then I've completely withheld from them and rather use opacity brushes.

This was my first digital drawing without linework. It was quite exciting and probably used days in order to finish this. Used an wacom bamboo and Krita.

And had a lot of fun on this. My entry to the ProkoChallenge last year february. Made this one an old wacom bamboo using Krita.

Older work from about a year ago. I quite like drawing in comic-book style. Usually I use watercolor but this time tried to do it digitally.

Recent practice drawing (19. february), a female short eared owl. I started with digital painting a year ago and am steadily trying to improve.


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