Well, here is the result so far: watercoloured oyster mushrooms. I've been staring at it for too long today so I've gotta put it away for a bit in order to see if I'm satisfied with it. Bit uncertain how the gills of the mushrooms turned out.

Commission for some more botanical drawings. Oyster mushrooms this time, ready to be painted with watercolour. I haven't posted any of my botanical illustrations here on mastodon yet, but that's actually what I'm mostly known for here in Norway.

Here' couple of pages of a comic I made. It's just a short story about a bird. I wanted to test out a new style and well, this is what came out.

So my book is finally out! Actually for a couple of weeks already. The theme is what we dutch people can learn from the norwegian outdoorlife tradition called friluftsliv. It is also a handy beginners guide for becoming more at home in nature. I've cowritten it with my father and it contains 54 illustrations that I've made. It's been an exciting couple of weeks with quite a lot of interviews. I'll hope it'll be inspiring for people to read :)

Sensitive: eye contact

A portrait drawing as an exercise. Depicted is Wim Hof also known as 'The Iceman'. He's been quite an inspiration to me; he's a complicated and fascinating figure who continuously has pushed himself to the extreme to show what a human being is capable of. His techniques and knowledge have been very beneficial to a lot people including myself.

"A team of amazing volunteers has created a huge open-source library of over 600 free-to-use icons for healthcare projects. Amazing effort to create a public good for the world." 😍 💊 💉

Project coordinated by Daniel Burka, who is asking the community to spread the word.



We recognize people by their whole face, not by any particular feature.

Hey, I want to start with patreon or maybe an other platform to create an extra source of income. Right now I get most of my earnings from creating websites, graphic design and creating some botanical illustrations, but I want to do more with illustration and art. I want to ask if there are other artists here who can give some tips on how to get started with patreon or other crowdfunding solutions.

I recently uploaded a pen sketch of this, but I couldn't help but continue with the concept. So I made a digital painting out of it. I think it might fit well as an album-cover actually, so if there are any musicians out there who feel inspired by this one; I would love to hear your music.
The mood for this piece is mainly inspired by the novel 'Roadside Picnic' by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

Some pen drawings of trolls and how I envision them when I am tracking through the Norwegian wilderness. The first image of the troll sitting in the snow is actually based on a rock that I encountered that looked quite like that. The folklore of the troll resonates quite strongly with me as an outdoor enthusiast: shapes in nature and the rocks that come alive during dusk.

Some of many dragon sketches that I have made throughout the last couple of years. Dragons and dinosaurs has been a fascination of mine since my early childhood I have always loved to draw these creatures. I am planning on making a lot more dinosaur paintings/paleoart in the near future.

A sketch I made last autumn. Just an image that got stuck in my mind. Drawn with pen on some copying paper. In a way it reminds me a bit of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, but the vibe is actually more inspired by Tarkovsky's Stalker. I am enormous fan of Zonepunk actually.

Lately I haven't been able to finish some artworks (though I am busy with some), so that's why I will share some older works and sketches with you. This is a piece of fantasy art done in pen and watercolor that I made in march 2019.

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