This video blew me away by Folding Ideas on the problems with crypto and NFT's. I understood previously that they had a large energy consumption and that there had been rampant theft of art, however I had no idea just how fundamentally dysfunctional the underlying technology of bitcoin/ethereum/nft's are. He really points out in a understandable manner how scamming is the foundation on which this whole system functions. It's mind boggling… Long live Web0!

Also this 😂
'Trollfest' with 'Dance like a pink flamingo' for the Norwegian Eurovision Finale.

@JUST The pose itself of the model is quite stiff which makes it very difficult to get it lively. In that case it is important to stray from reality and exaggerate. I'd suggest using gesture drawings to study the rythm lines of the body and focus less on anatomy. Than you can render out the anatomy later. The Force method can aid in this as well.

Painted over another pencil drawing for what is becoming a series of planetary artefacts, this one is the glaive of Mars

This is a repaint of a wonderful photograph that I saw in a hotel lobby in Bodø. I don't know who the photographer is unfortunately. It is an Atlantic Cod at night, an iconic fish in Norwegian history. I liked it so much that I wanted it on my own wall, however it turned out to be one of the most challenging pictures I have ever painted. So I honestly need to put this image away for a while. In the meantime I hope you enjoy it!

All right @Curator This one is for you! Your robot challenge was the perfect excuse to draw a cool robot 😄 I challenged myself to do the entire design digitally, which I normally despise, because I feel I'm more creative when working on paper. I am pretty satisfied, this was fun!

Creature design for a students project a couple of years back. I've actually have done a lot of these designs which I am happy to share if you are interested. I'm uncertain if this warrants a Content Warning, it's not gory in any way, but it is getting into the horror genre. What's your opinion on that?

I just discovered a incredibly neat little trick in that I probably should have known before because it's enormously helpful: whenever you hover over a scrollable menu with your stylus, for example the brushsets, you can just middle klick and drag the menu up and down without having to grab the scrollbar, the same manner in which you can move your canvas.

I just learned that Cory Doctorow launched his ad-free blog-site, where I found a link to the "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" online pamphlet

Web3-området i Kaninhullet vokser, fordi det er det jeg synes er mest interessant å grave i for tiden. Her er en tekst om hva du egentlig kjøper når du kjøper en NFT:

I've just been playing around with Krita 5.0. Testing out the smudge brushes and just doodling this face (I always tend to make caricatures like these). I actually have always avoided using smudge brushes because of a tip from Sinix for artists starting with Digital Art. But I must say, I really loved the feeling of working with these smudge brushes! So thinking I'm going to let go of that advice now.

Interesting a bot at Microsoft is forking some open source repos and removing the license and copyright information. For example here is cups (the printing system used by both mac and Linux) That's actually very illegal.

#artinspiration #moa
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Settai Komura. Snowy Morning. 1942. Hanging on in there for the light. I love his work for the flat flat flatiness, but still depth.

illustrated haiku, CW for kinda gross-looking insectoid 

fifth shell boiling red / the locust clock never lies: / next year will be worse

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