I am looking for like-minded people in the fediverse for sharing thoghts, projects and information about woodworking, woodcarving and especially spoon carving. How can I find these people?
Are there any existing groups or servers with these topics?
Retoots / Boosts are appreciated!

#askthefediverse #followerpower #woodworking #woodcarving #spooncarving #greenwoodcarving

This is another Dreamscape that I made. It was a scene that I encountered in a dream a few years ago. The image left such a strong impression that it never left me. I don't know it's meaning, it's after all an image from the depths of the mind that lies beyond conscious experience.

@richard Hey there, I was just wondering whether you've seen Dune and what you thought about it :)

So I went and saw Dune yesterday. As a hardcore Dune fan, I went in with low expectations and was totally blown away by this movie! I just couldn't fathom how they managed to film every scene from the first half of the book and even added little bits here and there! The movie felt like 4 hours, but positively. Also it was wonderful to hear that the movie was filled to the brim with traditional throat singing in the soundtrack.

So I've finally managed to finish an artwork again. It has been quite the emotional struggle, but I must say that I'm honestly very satisfied in the end. Hopefully that will give me more inspiration. This piece is actually just made for my portfolio, but with a specific customer in mind whom I will have a project with next year.

european citizens' initiative for universal basic income, :boost_ok: 

for anyone that hasn't seen this:
there's an ECI for establishing universal basic income throughout the EU
if you're eligible to sign it (are an EU citizen) i urge you to do so

An absolutely mind-blowing performance by the Norwegian singer Bjørn Tomren on national television, where he combines traditional norwegian folk music with Tuvan throat singing.
I've been such a big fan of Tuvan throat singing for a couple of years now, even been practicing it myself, so I am just so happy that this form of singing has finally been introduced to the public in Norway!


It's been awfully quiet from my side lately. I actually have been doing quite a lot of digital painting, but I have been strugling to finish my works due to my constant disappointment in my own work. It's been a bit rough lately. Just finished this sketch: a return to safety in simple pen drawings. It depicts a dreamscape that revealed itself to me just before I fell asleep last night.

Hey people! I just had a phonecall about a possible job - building a website with proper database management - for a non-profit, payment arrives next year. An online calendar for live music events where you can post your own event. Boost this, please.

Nudity, not sexual 

Continuing sketching with my ink and brush! Archeoart/paleoart of a neanderthal man.

I've been given some indian ink and matching brushes. I am having a lot of fun testing this out this summer! I really do quite like the style that it creates. I am looking forward to what other kind of developments will come out of this. (gnome drawings from earlier are done with normal pens)

I'm on vacation at the moment. Finally visiting my family that I haven't seen since the start of the pandemic! Anyway, no digital paintings and only time to do some quick pen sketches. Here is a quick drawing of a grumpy dwarf that I plan on using for an other project.

Pssst! If you're signing up for our instance, make sure you put a reason in the box! It can be as simple as 'I'm an artist' - as long as there's something in there. We don't approve empty requests because most of the time they're spammers.

:mastoart: :bowie_stardust: :louis_toots_too:

I just finished this digital artwork of a humpback whale with her cub. I used a tiny photograph in an old book as reference. It was fun to scale that up. Really satisfied with this one and it is the first time that I've reached the level of quality that I have been aiming for since I started focussing on digital painting for one and a half year ago.

I am looking for short stay / cheap rent and work in Stockholm. I've got a contact and am doing my research. I am a skilled and approachable individual, up and ready for anything. If I can get very cheap or free stay for a month then my whole life is back on track! Any help and boosts are appreciated!

So here's the final result of the oyster mushroom. I initially made it without a background, but I found that the mushrooms were screaming for a bit of context. So I carefully painted a trunk with some moss behind them.

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