Was in the studio this weekend with Eggen & Hippen, working on our upcoming album “Time Never Passes”

Looking for a new holiday song that still has that traditional feeling? I just released “Almost Christmas” on Bandcamp!


Eggen & Hippen in the studio this weekend, recording original songs...

‪A master of meditation? A great martial artist? Who is Tiger? Find out next week on Spotify: “Tiger Dies Alone”


I just released a new single! It’s an instrumental version of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World”


Winter Storm Warning with travel advisory for tonight’s concert with guest soloist and CD release!

Thanks tor all the kind words about the music video in my last toot. Here’s a playlist of some more . I wrote and performed all of it myself.


This is my second day on Mastodon. Really liking what I’m seeing here so far!

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