Some doodles of Raath from when i was getting her anatomy down, also took the opportunity to do her colors too.

She's beefy and gets into fights, one of which cost her part of her tail.
[cw: nudity]

Some colored doodles of Yeen's mom, Raath. Mostly since I realized I needed to draw her more to get her design down.

[cw: body horror]

Some fooling around with Vishila in clip studio. I decided to draw her up using the rough pen and played with her markings using the lighter ink pen.

Small doodle before getting into other stuff today. I decided to play around with Prmus' face in clip studio with the chopsticks pen.

Quick doodle of Primus and Sahiim from the other night. Possibly a June-icorn thing too if you squint.

I wanted to draw them up with the rough pen I've got in clip studio, since lately I had been drawing the Hyendi-eniih with it.

Stuff from my sketchbook, I kinda stuck this together yesterday after spending part of the past week working on the design for the creature.

These guys are going to be acting as demons in Desik/the headworld that Desik is in.

I found out about that City of Heroes: Homecoming stuff going on. So I decided to give it a visit since I remember jumping between it and Istaria in the past.

Right off the bat I made a zombie-summoning lich.

Stuff to show I'm still here. I decided to sit down and doodle up Susuh since I don't tend to draw him outside of speedpaints.
[cw: gore, shadow bepis]

A warmup with Susuh again. He forgot where he left that skin he had earlier.


Speedpaint of my guy Susuh to start off today.

mostly trying out stuff regarding gore with clip studio's watercolor brushes.

[cw: gore]

Speedpainting of a forgotten beast from one of the games I had played.

This thing came up out of a stairwell, incinerated the entire fort, and then flew out of the front door just in time to roast the trade caravan that just stopped by.

Another scene. At one point in the were-antelope fort, the only survivor was the expedition leader who went mad.

He was constantly haunted by the souls of the bodies that were rotting in the halls of the fort.
cw: nudity]

I decided to break off from painting OCs and do some speedpainting regarding .

At one point during a fort I had, nearly everyone was a were-antelope. One time when a neighboring fort came to trade, the broker turned just as he got into the depot.

Speedpaint from today. I decided to play around with an idea regarding perspective and rendering desert environments.

Vishila is in there too.

This is part of a wip, but I wanted to show off these pencil brushes I downloaded this morning. For being free, these are really good.

I decided to use Sahiim in an experiment this morning, I've been wanting to see what i could do in terms of pushing what I could make during a speedpainting.

Decided to paint Vishila for a bit today. Also went back to using the gouache brushes for a bit.

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