Rare fanart of a game I've been enjoying as of late. I made my sona in Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted and not too long ago they made the journey to literally explode into an adult.

Some Sliuh inks from earlier in the month. I had been meaning to visualize how his face readjusts to better fit into a skin for a while.

One of them is also a sort of temporary disguise that works from far away to lure a villager into the woods to be eaten.

Have some inks of my Renwyrms, Pruina (purple) and Morsus (red). When multiple Renwyrms are around each other, they tend to develop a pecking order through shows of brute strength.

Have a robot minotaur of mine from CoX:Homecoming. This guy is called Mechataur and he's on the villain side of the game.

My part of an art trade with TheCrazyDragon on FA. This is their unnamed mutli-limbed character that I got to have some fun with.

Two commissions I had taken this week for PiscesKelp on twitter.

This is his robotic horse character, Jupiter, who was a ton of fun to work on.

A recent painting I finished up today. I had wanted to redo an old painting of Morsus for a while.

A doodle from last night. Sliuh and Hyendi-eniih tend to get along pretty well, though they may get on each other's nerves every once in a while.

This one is trying to puppy dog eye their way into asking a favor.

I did a bit of doodling regarding a game I used to play and recently came to revisit.

This is how Beaky appears in the game Istaria. A pudgy ball of teeth, claws and scales.

It seems as of late it looks like I'm just making different interpretations of my sona, haha.

Time for more Robeak, messing with this design has been great for getting back into drawing robotic entities I feel.

Also all the little details are nice to draw for warmup/winding down.

I wanted to draw up Robeak again, this iteration of them has been a lot of fun to draw and a welcome challenge in figuring how to make them look mechanical.

Something I had been working on lately.

Since I had painted up Pestis and Morsus, it seemed fitting to paint up Pruina as well.

I've been wanting to draw some robotic stuff lately, and at the same time I wanted to draw Beaky. Instead of choosing I decided to combine the two.

This is a robot Beaky, or Robeak.

A little something from when I was doodling up an old character I had been meaning to revamp to fit in my headworld better.

He's still a wip in terms of where I want his design to sit, but there is a lot here that i want to keep for the moment.

I have added a new print to my INPRNT shop. If you liked the one painting I had made of Pestis and wanted a copy for yourself, it is available there.

I've been doing some more painting lately. This time I decided to paint up another Renwyrm, this one is a character from a print I had made a while back, his name is Morsus.

I finished up a small painting of Falgyrac today, I wanted to play with some different ways of making her pop in an image, along with some stuff with lighting.

Again, used the gouache brushes in Clip Studio for this.

Have another small painting. I went and rendered Pestis this time around since I have not done anything with him in a long while and he's a nice challenge to paint with his different body textures.

I ended up painting Sliuh earlier today, mostly to try out painting again and messing with how to paint shiny/wet surfaces.

I also recently got an idea for another demon character from the same place Falgyrac comes from.

The design for this one is not final, but I like how this initial pass has come along so far.

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