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A new page of The Siblings is up! It can be viewed here or on The Siblings Comic weebly!

This also is something of an update regarding how the comic will be going. things have gotten a bit active life-wise so I may not be able to update every week. That said I will be looking for a method that is consistent but still works with everything else.

I hosted a raffle on twitter for getting to 400 followers, the prizes were some uncolored inks. In order these belong to DrZedsMeds, FauxParagon, and Sliced_Open on twitter.

I had been working on some stuff in between a project and commissions. Since I had drawn Pestis that one time I wanted to draw something else that explored Renwyrms a little, they've been fun to draw.

There's a grey and white background one since I liked how both looked.

I recently finished up a commission for FauxParagon on twitter. This is his dragon character, Ginnir!

He was a lot of fun to draw, and great to work with. The extra limbs made for a nice challenge this time around.

I had been working on some inks the week prior, focusing mostly on how Pestis's skeleton fits together. I had some fun figuring out how his skeletal anatomy would work, but probably would have benefited from some extra refs.

Page 7 of The Hunter is up for viewing! You can see it here or on The Siblings Comic weebly.


Small update on Commission Availability. I'm closing off that one B/W Ink slot I had open and opening up five slots for colored inks instead.

If interested in ordering a commission, please refer to my pinned post.

I went ahead and colored up some stuff, plus inked up some portraits of Ahsiid that I had made to hammer in his facial structure.

In the process I also had decided to mess with his palette a little.
[cw: nudity]

A colored up ink of Ahsiid that I kept forgetting to upload on here. He has the ability to remove and put his skin on like they are a set of clothes.

And one more, I forgot about this one pose I had done a little work on.

[cw: Nudity]

Some more inks of Ahsiid to get his form down. Its been nice getting into more human-esque poses and have some fun with them.

[cw: Nudity]

Added some more inks to the print gallery. Now a tradtional ink of a hyendi-eniih, and another one of a demon in the desert is up for sale as prints.

They can be bought for 8-10 USD.

I decided to put the skulls I worked on as a print, since they came out nice enough.

If anyone wants it, this is available on my inprnt store.

Some sketchbook inks I've been working on to wind down lately. Pig and javelina skulls are a surprising yet welcome challenge.

I went ahead and colored all of these last night. One has a white background since I didn't have any examples of a colored ink with a white background laying around for commission related purposes.

Some more inks of my boy, mostly to round out my uncolored inks portion of my gallery.

Pestis is a bit of an odd boy in that he has two torsos. I did this mostly to evade having to stick the wings in the same area as the front limbs.

I should add that I am open for commissions. Prices and information can be found on my pinned post.

I doodled up an old dragon character of mine the other night. Pestis' design keeps changing, but only in very slight ways whenever I draw him.

Page 5 of The Hunter is up for viewing!

You can see it here, or you can view higher resolution pages on weebly.
[cw: Gore, blood]

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