Some stuff I had been doodling as of late. Hyendi-eniih can hide in their environment by pulling it over them like a blanket. It works well for stalking or ambush, but they also do this to catch a nap without anyone disturbing them sometimes.

Some warmups of Myirdroth from this morning. I've been trying to figure out her scales again and colors.

A doodle of a dragon character from a game I liked. He looks scary but he's really a massive coward and crybaby.

I also have been drawing in the sketchbook a little more as of late, here's a page I scanned in to color today featuring an alien design I had been working on.

It seems I've been neglecting this site a bit, whoops!

Here's some Robeak I had been working on earlier in the month, I wanted to mess with a possible bipedual design.

Here's a page form the sketchbook of something I've been working on in the evening.

A couple of these are studies of a humphead wrasse skull, and the rest are some developmental designs of an alien I'm working on.

Here's some more inks of that alien I colored up this morning. Right now cool colors seem to be a good scheme until I get a better idea of what I'm looking for.

I figure these have evolved from bony fish, and have a real fondness for eating shellfish, shell and all.

I've been screwing around with idea for an alien character, mostly to branch out from my usual fantasy stuff, and also thought it would be neat to have an alien OC for a while.

The design isn't final yet, these are more just drafts/concepts.

I colored up osme sketchbook inks of a creature that I had in mind for Desik's part of the headworld.

I figured the best type of dragon-like creature for a desert area would be a type of insect/invertebrate since they're so adaptable and thrive in hotter climates. Other inspiration comes from horse armor and older dragon interpretations.

One last Renwyrm illustration for this one features Pestis, who had acted as a sort of prototype for the creatures until I got a design I liked down for them.

And here's a small compliation of the uncolored inks from my sketchbook of Sliuh, including some drawings over how Sliuh's skeleton works.

Went and colored up another set of inks of Sliuh, these ones illustrate an idea I had for them where they are able to make some ooze parachutes to cover long distances by catching the wind and gliding.

I've been messing with Sliuh over in the sketchbook as of late. Lately the idea of scanning them in and coloring them crossed my mind and I decided to experiment a bit with it.

I made another larger, more polished piece for this time I focused on Morsus. He has never really gotten a ton of art, so its nice to mess with his design a little.

Some doodles of Morsus for

It's been nice to revisit him again and mess with his palette and design a bit.

A commission for KelpPisces on twitter of his robot horse character, Jupiter!

I felt like drawing something featuring my Renwyrm characters more, and it happened to also line up with smaugust.

Here's some inks of Pruina that started as a doodle then went a bit out of hand.

I've been meaning to mess around with the deigns of Pestis' "siblings", since I had not really explored them much outside of being something for him to fight with.

Mostly this time around I'm just figuring out what I want to do with Pruina.

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