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Have another small painting. I went and rendered Pestis this time around since I have not done anything with him in a long while and he's a nice challenge to paint with his different body textures.

I ended up painting Sliuh earlier today, mostly to try out painting again and messing with how to paint shiny/wet surfaces.

I also recently got an idea for another demon character from the same place Falgyrac comes from.

The design for this one is not final, but I like how this initial pass has come along so far.

Some stuff with the Sliuh I had doodled up recently. Here, a villager wandered out into the woods and stumbled across a family group.

I also had sculpted up a Hyendi-eniih while messing with Sculptris. This is no character in particular but it had some characteristics of Yeen in there in how thin the face is.

Some other attempts at 3d sculpting, this time with Falgyrac. I like how this attempt with her came out.

Some more doodling, this time with Primus and Falgyrac. I have been cutting back productivity to take it easy as the holidays come up and focusing more on doing some character interaction doodles since I had been doing more solo character stuff previously.

apologies for the redraft, I found there was a color error, and there were some close ups I failed to add earlier.

Something I had made as a halloween sort of piece, but I didn't get it done in time.

Falgyrac gets the drop on Vishila during a fight by using her teleporting abilities. Also I decided to explore a bit with how Liikuzu use weapons.

Just a heads up, but I've decided to have a different blog set up for some of the more graphic works I produce. From now on anything with gore, body horror, or nudity goes over to @beastlybeak

Granted its not porn, but its also not worksafe either and that server requires members to be over 18, which is a little more reassuring.

I've been working on another monster for the headworld, mostly for the northern hemisphere where the Hyendi-eniih reside.

This is a Sliuh, they are sort of like Susuh in that they prey on the villagers for their skin, but these want the skin to blend in and make it easier to prey on people. They also are gooey.

Another drawing of Vishila, I still like her uniform from her earlier iteration so I'm keeping it. I decided that the bright coloring on the inside of her wings can be pigment that she applies.

It's like some sort of powder so it doesn't gunk up her feathers and can wash off easy.

Have a doodle of Vishila, its been forever since I had drawn her and may have unintentionally redesigned her a bit in the process.

Some more sketchbook inks , this time of Sahiim. I have not drawn her much as of late and wanted to revisit her design a little.

[cw: gore]

Its been a few months since I've drawn Beaky at all. So I decided to draw them up in the flavor of the spooky month with their eyes reflecting light from something.

Some more inks of Primus, now that I have his body how I want it I went ahead and threw together a few wardrobe ideas.

[cw: nudity]

More traditional inks from my sketchbook. I had been working on Primus some more and settled on a body type for him.


Some doodles in my sketchbook of my guy Primus. I'm not participating in inktober but sometimes it easier to work on a character traditionally than digitally.

Have some doodles of Pestis, I have not drawn my dragon in a long while and he was due for some doodles.

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